Here's How Tall Ariana Grande Really Is

Everyone has secrets in their lives, but their height is not normally one of them. Unless, of course, you're Ariana Grande. If you're wondering how tall she is, well, she is too. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Ariana Grande doesn't even know how tall she is herself. When you're wearing platform heels that often, it makes sense that you would get confused. Here's a breakdown of how tall Grande might, so you can figure this riddle out for yourself.


It's no secret that Grande is petite. She's given fashion advice on how to style her petite figure (via Cosmopolitan), which include short hemlines and high heels. But how tall is she really? The answer is not exactly clear. Grande has given multiple conflicting answers over the years when asked about her height, so the world may never know. Fans can, however, put together the pieces and make a guess-timation of their own. When you strip back the high heels and make some comparisons, the answer is pretty clear — she's short.

Ariana Grande doesn't know how tall she is

Grande likes to keep certain things in her life to herself. She got married secretly and, before that, chose to keep her love life private (via Elle). It turns out that she also likes to keep her height private as well. The singer has a way of skewing her proportions through outfits and high heels (via Fustany), which keeps her fans guessing when it comes to her true height.


When it comes to the actual measurements, she doesn't even know how tall she is. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Grande's stated that she's ranged from 5 foot to 5' 3" over the years. "I'm, like, 5...5. I'm just five. Nah, I'm 5'2",″ Grande said. The publication also noted that she claimed to be 5' 3" on Twitter in 2009.

The world may never know how tall Grande is for sure, but it is clear that she is on the shorter side. When you take a look at her compared to other celebrities and take into account that she's also wearing heels, it's clear to see that she is somewhere between the 5 foot and 5' 3" that she has claimed to be over the years (via J-14).

Ariana Grande almost always wear high heels

Grande is almost always seen wearing platform heels. Not only does she wear platforms to perform on stage, but she even wears them in her everyday life (via Footwear News). "She's the only person I know who does a concert in 6-inch heels. This girl doesn't stumble," her stylist, Law Roach, tells Footwear News. "After her show in Anaheim, we went to Disneyland, and she still walked around in 6-inch heels. Those feet are magical."


That makes sense why even she doesn't seem to know how tall she is. It's like when you start wearing fakes eyelashes for a while then take them off and almost don't realize your natural ones. Except, you know, this is her height.

If Grande wants to keep her height under wraps, that's her prerogative. After all, no one is hurt by this secret that she's keeping. It looks like the world will continue to guess and Grande will continue to wear sky-high heels.