Here Are Your Favorite Halloween Episodes From The Office

"The Office" is undeniably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. The long-running series earned 42 Emmy nominations throughout its time on air, a Screen Actors Guild Award for best comedy ensemble two years in a row, and a highly coveted Peabody award (via The Washington Post). Though the series was NBC's highest-rated scripted series at one point, it wasn't until "The Office" hit Netflix that it gained the immense popularity it currently enjoys. At one point, the series was the most-watched show on the streaming platform. In April 2019, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Netflix users spent 45.8 billion minutes watching the comedy over a 12-month period.

While Netflix lost "The Office" at the end beginning of 2021, it's now available on NBC's streaming platform Peacock, can be purchased online through platforms like Amazon Prime Video or iTunes, and viewed on cable in syndication (via Cosmopolitan). And with October upon us, now is the perfect time to return to the series' best Halloween-themed episodes. Here are a few episodes you have to watch this spooky season.

"Halloween" Season 2, Episode 5

If you're looking to binge each of "The Office" Halloween episodes, it makes sense to start from the very beginning. The fifth episode of Season 2, aptly named "Halloween" is the very first time the employees at Dunder Mifflin show up to work in costume — well other than the king of costumes Michael Scott (via PureWow). In this episode, Michael is tasked with firing one of his employees by the end of the day. Due to his aversion to conflict, he spends the majority of Halloween struggling to decide which one of his "friends" to let go.

In addition to Michael's hilarious antics, the episode also features one of Jim's best pranks. The paper salesman posts Dwight's resume online, which results in the beet farmer almost leaving the company. What makes this episode so special is the iconic costumes each of the employees wear and the unexpected twist that takes place in the last few minutes.

"Employee Transfer" Season 5, Episode 5

The Season 5 episode "Employee Transfer" is an especially entertaining one (via IMDb). In terms of the costumes, Dwight, Creed, and Kevin each show up to the office dressed as the Joker from "The Dark Knight," This coincidence provides viewers with the opportunity to play a particularly difficult round of "Who Wore It Best." 

"Employee Transfer" also features a lot of drama. Michael is forced to split with his longterm girlfriend Holly and drive her to her new job in New Hampshire. While it's difficult to watch the happy couple part ways, Michael's road trip buddy, Darryl, provides plenty of laughs. Another hilarious plot line is the battle that erupts between Dwight and Andy. When the Assistant to the Regional Manager reveals that he intends to apply to Cornell, Andy decides to get involved. Without giving too much away, this is the episode for you if you're a big fan of watching "Angry Andy" in full swing.

"Costume Contest" Season 7, Episode 6

Perhaps the best Halloween-themed episode of all is Season 7's "Costume Contest" (via IMDb). As the title indicates, this episode revolves around Pam running a costume contest and offering a coupon book worth $15,000 dollars in savings as the prize. This sends the office into a frenzy and results in some of the best costumes of the entire series, including Gabe's Lady Gaga and Ryan's Justin Bieber. In addition to the office-wide competition taking place in the conference room, Michael and Darryl have their own fight.

Michael gets angry when Darryl pitches an idea to Gabe without his permission. He grows increasingly angrier with his Darryl until he tries to get the whole office to turn against him. While there is a lot of tension strung throughout the episode, it does feature a sweet moment between everyone's favorite couple — Jim and Pam. By the end of the episode, you'll even be reminded why Jim and Pam are one of the best couples in sitcom history.