Here's What The October 6 New Moon Means For Water Signs

Water signs are the fluid signs of the zodiac. They're not as grounded as earth signs, and they're not as expressive with their emotions like fire signs. They know themselves and know that life will take them where they need to be, though they're not afraid to forge their own paths, too (via The Cut). The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and each, while sharing similar traits because of their shared element, are slightly different by nature.

According to The Cut, Cancer is the "surface-level" water sign, meaning this sign wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn't consider matters too deeply. Meanwhile, Scorpios think very deeply and are known for their intensity, and Pisces resides even deeper underwater than Scorpio. Pisces embody innate creativity because of how far their waters reach, with The Cut explaining that Pisces may as well be on another planet because of this depth.

Understanding your zodiac element is important because it creates unity between signs, and it can help dispel some of the darkness that each zodiac sign carries, too. Understanding your element is important for the lunar cycle as well. New moons affect each element differently. For example, the August 22 full moon this year affected water signs one way, while the upcoming new moon on October 6 will affect you differently.

For water signs, there's one distinct thing to remember during this new moon

Generally, the October 6 new moon will bring healing energy to relationships, allowing for new starts and the strengthening of bonds (via Bustle). This is because October's new moon is in Libra, and the sun, Mercury, and Mars will also be in Libra at the time of the new moon, amplifying the new moon's power. Because of Mars, the new moon may offer feelings of revenge and anger, too, per the Astrology King. Ultimately, it will be a time of regenerative action, but what does this mean for water signs?

Water signs are fluid in that they flow where they need to go in life and don't find themselves trapped too often. Water can be held in containers, but water signs typically know the containers that best fit them. Still, water signs are "deep and lunar" according to The Cut, meaning they'll feel the impacts of the new moon more than fire, earth, and air signs. Pisces, Scorpios, and Cancers will want to mentally prepare for the new moon so that they're not blindsided by it. They need to not only know it's coming, but also frequently remind themselves during it that it's only temporary and that any strong negative feelings will fade away.

Water signs need to embrace the positive effects of the new moon, which include reconnecting with themselves and their loved ones. If they can focus on the regeneration aspects of the new moon, their waters will flow like never before once the new moon comes to pass.