Is Meghan And Harry's Brand Bound For Hardship?

In what has come to be known as "the Archewell Scramble," the intense outreach coming from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has come under a bit of scrutiny that may impact the couple's brand. With low approval ratings in the U.K., Meghan and Harry have been amping up their philanthropic efforts in what some see as a disorganized manner. Despite their increased charitable efforts, the couple might need to work to get their missions more focused if they want to stay on the public's good side.

The public primarily seems to believe that Meghan and Harry are throwing their hats into too many rings at once (per Forbes). The two spent some time in New York City in late September, meeting with the mayor and the United Nations, visiting local charities, touring the 9/11 memorial, and visiting public schools (per CBS New York). While they certainly covered all their bases, the vast spread of their outreach in the course of a single visit is representative of the kind of haphazard philanthropy that makes some wonder if their efforts are too unfocused to be effective.

As reported by YouGov, polls found that Harry and Meghan's approval ratings in the U.K. are on the steady decline. As of September 3, the public's positive opinion of Prince Harry has dropped 9 points, from 43% in April to 34%. The trend holds with Meghan, as well, seeing a drop from 31% in March to 26% in September. Such low approval ratings are surely weighing heavy on their minds. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle battle plummeting public opinion

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's highly publicized schism from the royal family, and their subsequent series of interviews and book deals, did little to retain British favor. Many in the U.K. see the couple as traitors, not only for shucking their royal duties, but also for the big move to the U.S. Their excessive charitable endeavors feel overwrought in the face of what some see as a betrayal to Harry's homeland. Throughout the course of their time in New York City, a camera crew was following them for every tour and meeting, raising questions about the possibility of a Kardashian-esque reality show being in the works (per Forbes). 

While a Netflix special would afford the couple another opportunity to explain their side of the story, the sensationalization of their lives may detract from the down-to-earth, genuine vibe they've worked to cultivate in contrast to the tight-lipped and proper approach that the royal family takes when it comes to public relations. The couple is clearly working to solidify their place in the world with a focus on charitable efforts. And while there are worse things they could be focusing on than various causes, more targeted outreach is called for if they want to preserve the image of doing good for goodness' sake.