Should You Be Getting CBD Pedicures?

When it comes to the ultimate form of relaxation, pedicures are pretty high on the list. Combine that with CBD, and you get a whole new level of relaxation, right? In theory, yes. CBD pedicures are a trend right now, but they might not be all that they're cracked up to be (via Cannabis MD). There's a lot you should know about the trendy pedicure before you book your appointment. Because when you factor in products, polish, and price, you might be better off with your regular old foot pampering.

CBD is a huge trend right now. There are tons of CBD beauty products popping up every day. Heck, there are even recipes for DIY CBD foundation out there. According to Forbes, there are science-based claims of CBD benefits, like relieving pain and reducing anxiety. It only makes sense that the beauty industry would hop on the CBD bandwagon, especially when many people use beauty products every day. But when it comes to trendier beauty procedures, like CBD pedicures, the benefits might not actually be all that worthwhile.

CBD pedicures use different products

If you've ever gotten a pedicure before, you know the drill. No matter what salon you go to, the procedure is the same: soak, exfoliate, massage, and polish. The main difference between a regular pedicure and a CBD pedicure is the products that are used during those four main steps.

According to Cannabis MD, the soak may use a CBD bath bomb, exfoliation uses a CBD-infused sugar scrub, the massage uses a CBD-infused lotion, and it could even go as far as using a hemp-based nail polish. Basically, you're all CBD'd out every step of the pedicure. Some nail brands are actually going as far as making CBD-infused nail polish, according to Bustle, so you could do that step right at home.

Because you're using CBD-infused products during this special pedicure, you're also going to pay a bit more. While the average pedicure can range from $35 to $45, Cannabis MD says that the average CBD pedicure can range from $50 to $65. Factor in that it's also polite to leave a tip, and that's a pretty pricey pedi.

CBD pedicures are trendy, but not proven to work

CBD pedicures are trendy right now, but they might not be all that beneficial. According to Nails Mag, people have reported that CBD pedicures relieve pain and put them in a better mood. Of course, who doesn't feel better after getting a pedicure? There's a reason that Elle Woods drives to a nail salon every time that she's feeling down in "Legally Blonde."

As Cannabis MD notes, every product used in a CBD pedicure is a topical product, meaning that it doesn't go deep into the skin. So while there is a chance that people do feel better after getting the CBD pedicure, there's also the chance that it's just a placebo affect.

Either way, CBD pedicures are a trend right now and available in all 50 states (via Health Canal). Trendy or not, fad or not — maybe the time has come to try something new!