Bath & Body Works Fall 2021 Candle Scents You Need To Smell Today

Ring the alarms: Sweater weather has finally arrived, and it never felt so good. Fall is a time for warm apple cobbler topped with vanilla bean ice cream, familiar county fairs and crisp air, and pulling out your favorite caramel-colored suede boots from the storage. Autumn welcomes the (almost) holiday season with the excitement of Halloween costumes, like striped-stocking witches or ghastly ghosts. Thanksgiving also makes this a time to welcome family and lots of pies alike. Of course, we can't forget about one of fall's most noteworthy moments: The return of autumn drinks, like pumpkin spice lattes, salted caramel macchiatos, and new twists on hot cocoa after way too long a wait. Basically, it's safe to say that autumn is one of our favorite seasons, and apart from being very pumped to wear our coziest cardigans à la Taylor Swift, we're just as excited about this season's newest candle offerings.


No one does candles quite like Bath & Body Works, and their latest fall 2021 scents are no exception. As per Lex 18 News, the shop's latest scents outdo all the candles of seasons past, bringing in a range that's all about pumpkin, apple, vanilla, fir tree, and cinnamon everything. These new candles will transport you to a maple tree-lined forest, a bakery whipping out spiced and frosted rolls right at the crack of dawn, or the warmest and most inviting coffee café. We rounded up our absolute favorite new candles from their autumn collection, so be ready to want to buy them all!

Fall pie-inspired scents

No fall candle collection is complete without the necessary autumn pie-inspired fare, and Bath & Body Works' inventive imaginings are downright-mouthwatering. After all, what are the cold weather months without quintessential, velvety pumpkin pie, apple crisp, caramel-laced cocoa creations, and tons of maple? If fall pies were a sport, we would be Olympians — and we take our passion for baked goods very seriously.


First up, who can resist Bath & Body Works' Warm Apple Pie candle ($24.50)? This three-wick stunner has countless five-star reviews, describing it as "just like an apple pie, right down to the crust," and lauding it for making "your home smell so nice and cozy." With such a "warm" scent that one reviewer says includes "undertones of butter," it's no wonder this new candle is so popular. Officially, this candle is scented with specifically granny smith apples, brown sugar, and yeah, flaky crust.

If you prefer something even warmer, go for the Pumpkin Pie candle ($25.50), which will make your home smell like you just baked the perfect fall treat. This scent is a mix of "creamy" pumpkin with spiced vanilla, nutmeg, and graham crackers, which one reviewer says even gives off wafts of whipped cream.


We also love the Sugared Pecan Pie scent ($25.50), which revives a classic autumn dessert into candle land. Featuring a "gooey" brown sugar and pecan blend, this candle will transport you to a bakery in no time. As per reviewers, it's the perfect "sweet baked good smell."

These candles rival any cafe's autumn drinks menu

While few of us are likely to say no to the perfect fall dessert, whether you're an apple pie fan or can't get enough of pecans, walnuts, and caramel, there are some of us who just don't like baked goods that much. Still, who can say no to a classic autumn drink? Calling all pumpkin spice fans and the chai tea latte obsessed: These candles are for you.


We can't stop thinking about this Spiced Apple Toddy candle ($25.50), reminiscent of the traditional orchard-tinged fall drink. Classically a mix of apple cider, brandy, honey, and cinnamon, this fireside cocktail is surprisingly delicious as a candle, too. This scent comprises all those ingredients, replete with some spiced plum and tangy cranberry for good, cold-weather measure. Five-star reviews say it's "perfect for the holiday season" and "has everything else beat."

When in doubt, who can say no to some Toasted Vanilla Chai ($25.50)? Inspired by classic spiced chai, usually a mix of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black tea, this candle brings in vanilla and marshmallow for some extra sweetness. This will make your house supremely cozy, with reviewers saying it's "comforting" and "wonderful."


This Thanks A Latte candle ($14.50) is a riff on cinnamon-tinged Irish cream, a kind of liqueur that mixes whiskey with cream and sugar. Grab this scent for something that's sugary yet smoky, bringing in vanilla for "a good balance of spice and sweetness" according to reviews.

Clean, crisp cold-weather candles

Now let's say you don't like sweet — you're the type of person who will take a mediterranean salad over red velvet cake any day, and you despise perfumes that are sugary. You prefer to spritz on something clean and refreshing — that's just your style. If that's the case, then look no further than these classic, super-inviting fall candles.


We love this Harvest Linen candle ($25.50) for anyone who wants to ring in the cold weather season with a scent that's reminiscent of a brisk hike through a scenic forest. This candle combines the smell of "line-dried linen," perfect for anyone who's obsessed with fresh laundry, with a pine scent and musk for depth. Great for lighting up when inviting guests over, one reviewer says this makes for a "cozy fall home."

If you love a laundry scent, but want something a bit warmer and holiday-ready, go for this Flannel candle ($25.50). It'll give you autumn lumberjack vibes, mixing crisp bergamot, deep mahogany, and musk. Overall, this scent is startlingly unique and will get tons of compliments. There are even countless five-star reviewers raving about it, saying it's become a "family favorite" with a hint of evergreen that's perfect for a "fall night."


If you want to recreate the holiday in your living room any day of the year, may we introduce you to this Fir-Ever Grateful candle ($14.50)? Light this up for an instant Christmas tree smell, which brings mahogany, balsam, and juniper berry for the ultimate almost-winter pastime. 

Delicious fall dessert-inspired fare

Okay back to sweet scents, because autumn is the best dessert season, no questions asked. While pies are an instant fall favorite, from pumpkin to creamy sweet potato, there are tons of other seasonal treats that don't get enough pomp and circumstance. Thankfully, these candles give these autumn bakery creations all the attention they deserve, and we're obsessed.


Did someone say campfire on an October night? Bring on all the gooey deliciousness with this Marshmallow Fireside candle ($25.50). Warm and inviting to a tee, this scent is a mixture of toasty marshmallows on graham crackers, almost-burnt vanilla, amber, and woodsy, fir notes. Can it get any more perfect? Bring the camping trip right to your living room every night by lighting it up. One reviewer says this is "by far" their favorite candle ever. 

Yes, pies are great, but how about fresh-out-of-the-fryer fall donuts? This Old-Fashioned Cider Donut candle ($25.50) is great if you love apple scents with a hint of caramel — just prepare to feel a bit hungry when you light it. A cake donut scent that brings notes of apple, brown sugar, and cinnamon, this is a bakery in a candle and we love it.


You know those autumn nights at your local fair? Nothing makes a crisp night better than fresh caramelized popcorn, and this Sweet Kettle Corn candle ($25.50) is surprisingly amazing. While you might have never thought about buying a popcorn candle, this sweet-and-salty creation is seriously "impressive" according to reviewers.

Get in the seasonal spirit with these classic autumn scents

If you don't want something too specific, but that still screams fall, we've got you covered. While we think everyone needs a kettle corn and pumpkin pie-scented candle in their life, we know those scents aren't for everyone. If you prefer classic smells that are still perfect for lighting up on movie nights or autumn dinners, these candles are for you.


The quintessential fall scent, this Cinnamon Stick candle ($24.50) is great if you like warm scents with a hint of spice. Come autumn, many people like to keep cinnamon broomsticks all around their home for the ultimate warm, Halloween vibes — so why not just light this candle instead? With clove and nutmeg undertones, this scent is great if you love piping-hot chai tea lattes.

Great if you love classic autumn with a hint of bakery-inspired fare, we adore this Fall Festival candle ($25.50). The gorgeous gray leaf design on the exterior will go perfectly with any decor style, and the pumpkin, cinnamon, maple almond butter scent is downright-delicious. Just a hint of spice, this is perfect for Thanksgiving.


A hint fresher and reminiscent of a cold autumn night drinking cider on your porch is The Perfect Autumn candle ($25.50). Grab this one if you like sweet scents that are still crisp with fruit-inspired undertones, this candle brings wafts of cranberry, apple, cloves and pumpkin. Tons of five-star reviewers rave that it's "the best welcoming home scent.