The Colors That You'll Be Seeing Everywhere In Fall 2021 Fashion

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If you're looking to get ahead of the fall fashion for 2021 that experts are predicting, then you're going to want to consider more than just style and outfits. In order to absolutely nail that perfect autumnal 'fit, as it turns out, it might all boil down to colors and tones. The summer season is full of a mix of whites, pinks, yellows, and colors that channel the warm summer temperatures (via Lands' End). But the game totally changes once fall rolls around, giving your entire closet a much needed refresh and update.

You might think that cozy outfits all come down to fits, textures, and fabrics. But as it turns out, an outfit can look cozy simply from the colors you wear — and if there's anything that's true about fall fashion, it's that warm and comfy clothes reign supreme. But we're not talking about the cozy looks that we were all sporting last fall, when we were stomping the runway of the living room in our best pair of pajamas. We're talking about comfy fashion that you can look put together and chic enough in to wear just about anywhere.

Soybean is so cute

Experts predict that we'll be seeing a lot of this stunning shade that is seriously eye-catching. It'll no doubt have you standing out amongst the oranges and reds of the falling leaves this season. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, released what she believed to be a series of colors that will most likely be showing up all over the fashion world this fall. She stated that as a result of a pandemic, during which people couldn't were unable to use fashion to channel their creativity, this fall, we're going to see a re-imagination of what autumn can truly look like. Therefore, she suggested that one of the most popular colors this season will be a shade of blonde-beige that Pantone calls "Soybean 13-0919." This color is an especially versatile one. It can take center stage and be the star of your outfit, or it can serve as a muted, neutral shade to compliment any other aspect of your outfit. Eiseman calls the color "companionable" and says that it can blend with nearly any color or texture, per WWD

We're obsessed with this knitted cardigan by COS that truly embodies the color soybean. ELLE recommends pairing it with an excellent pair of straight-legged jeans. 

Lilac isn't lacking at all

This next color isn't for the faint of heart. While it might seem like more of a spring tone, experts believe that we'll be seeing a lot of lilac/lavender this upcoming season as a daring re-imagination of what fall tones can should be.  

According to PureWow, this beautiful pastel lilac shade has been popping up in nearly every city's respective fashion shows, from the likes of Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jonathan Simkhai and Roksanda. The way to absolutely nail this color and make it as autumnal as possible is by sporting it with traditionally fall silhouettes, such as blazers, wide-leg trousers, and jackets. You can also play with the color by wearing it in classic autumnal fabrics, such as flannel, cashmere, wool, and tweed (via Gentleman Within). 

If you're buzzing to give the color a try this fall, why not opt for this fleece hoodie by Arket, that reminds us that lilac doesn't only have to be high-fashion to look amazing. We're also loving this Saks Fifth Avenue "Puritan Collar Linen-Blend Blouse" in lilac, which is very much giving us Salem-Witch Trials vibes (via Marie Claire). 

You're going to slay in clay

Looking up to spice up your look with some beautiful warm tones? Experts suggest that the best way to channel this cozy color is through an orange shade that they're calling "clay," per PopSugar. It lends itself beautifully to oversized silhouettes, soft fabrics, and those classic sherpa/teddy coats that are super popular every year. We're loving this gorgeous trench coat by Thakoon which is the ultimate fall staple for both its design, functionality, and dark-orange color. You can also go for a pair of these Ulla Johnson tapered pants that look super comfy not only because they're cotton, but because the color is just begging us to curl up under a blanket or wear to the pumpkin patch with a date. 

This color is giving us leaves, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice vibes, and basically everything we love about the fall season — and we are so here for it. This is the ultimate fall color that, regardless of how you style it, won't lead you astray.