If You're An Aries, These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

If you're into astrology, you've probably heard of seeking out romantic partnerships based on zodiac compatibility. Artistic, flowy Libras fall right into Aquarius signs' airy, intellectual sphere, while creative, nature-loving Taurus will love Cancer's homebody sensibilities (these make the best cooking duo, too!). Incredibly enough, Leos and Scorpios make a fantastic pairing, since Leos' deep sense of loyalty gives them an understanding of the scorpion sign's passion and intensity. Strait-laced, always-logical Virgos finally find some understanding in Capricorn's rational way of thinking, and together, these two love keeping things down-to-earth. And Aries, when it comes to love, your party-hard, joyous, eccentric personality is best combined with bubbly Geminis — but what about your zodiac compatibility when it comes to friendships?

Friendship astrology is a whole other ballgame, mostly because there are several signs that can pair well with each other, and they don't involve the same amount of zeal or fervor as a love match. Think about it this way: You might sometimes fight with your significant other in a manner that pales in comparison to any argument with a BFF. While the strength of infatuation, heart-to-heart emotional connection and physical intimacy make zodiac couple matches much different (and even more difficult!), befriending others through your astrological sign is decidedly less high-pressure, and maybe even more fun.

For Aries, your fun-loving nature needs friends that are equal parts chill, lively, and very witty, easily keeping up with your fast-paced joie de vivre. Here are your absolute best zodiac matches for friendship.

Aries and Libras bond over all things style

First up, we have the quintessential Aries friendship pairing: stylish, forward-thinking Libras. While you wouldn't expect a fire sign to go so well with an air sign, in this case, opposites attract. As per PureWow, daring fire signs appreciate air signs' hyper-social, outgoing nature, and these two find similarities in their free-thinking ways.

For an Aries and Libra friendship, these two usually first bond over their shared amazing fashion sense, usually complimenting each other on their sky-high, crimson platforms, or vintage designer baguette bag. As per Allure, Libras are ruled by Venus, a planet that's all about appreciating beauty in every form — whether meditating on a painting in a French museum, or buying way too many cute dresses. Similarly, Aries signs love to look good, mostly motivated by their desire for the spotlight at parties, and to boost their self-confidence level even higher (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).

Together, it's clear Aries and Libras make scarily good shopping partners, and get excited about planning a night-out based on their new outfits. That being said, these two signs' partying styles differ: Aries will gravitate toward the center of a gathering and attract others through their warm, boisterous laugh and wild stories, while Libras prefer to keep it cool and distant. Scales signs love a great fête, but prefer to move through life with a tinge of mystery, and are great listeners. Still, these two balance out each other well, making for life-long friends.

You'll go on tons of trips with a Sagittarian friend

As per Bustle, fire signs get along really well, fanning eachother's flames and pushing one another to live life to the fullest. When it comes to Aries, astrologer Cindy Mckean explained to the outlet, "your ideal friend is going to need a high amount of energy" — aka an adventurous, travel-loving Sagittarius. An Aries-Sagittarius friendship is highly compatible and downright-invigorating, since both signs are known to be wild-hearted with a need for speed and vivacity at every turn.

You Aries are the "babies" of the zodiac, coming in as the first sign of the astrological wheel, which according to Mckean, means "your energy levels are always going to be high with a quick recovery time when you need to rest." Similarly, Sagittarius signs dive into life without overthinking (via Allure), booking a plane ticket at a moment's notice, moving across the country just because, or changing entire careers after a spiritual awakening.

As you can imagine, Aries and Sagittarius signs make fast friends, and can be a supremely exciting, almost dangerous pairing. As astrology's rams, Aries run right into every day with tenacity, vigor, and enthusiasm, rarely ever thinking about consequences (via Allure). Sagittarius signs intellectualize life a bit more, getting deeply philosophical in their interior, but love to have fun as much as Aries do. Together, these pals complement each other very well, and make the best travel buddies, picking up inside jokes in every new city they fly to.

A Taurus pal will inspire you to embrace nature

Now a friendship that few ever see coming, especially the pals themselves: ever-flashy, spontaneous Aries signs and gardening-loving, D.I.Y.-ing, practical Tauruses. You might be scratching your head at this pairing, but for some reason, Aries and Taurus have what it takes to build a friendship for life.

As Allure explains, Taurus signs are as down-to-earth as they come, prizing nature and anything that pleases the senses — they're happiest making rose-scented candles from scratch, cooking a mouthwatering vegan dinner for loved ones, or plucking up some produce from their own backyard. As an Aries, you might be a bit confused how this could ever be a friendship match, but both of you are incredibly similar when it comes to one thing: experiences. Sure, you prefer rambunctious boat parties while a Taurus friend prefers an all-day hike with their closest friends, but both of you agree on preferring spending time and money on activities rather than material things. You love a great outfit as much as fashion-conscious Leos and Libras, but you'll never let a dress wear you — and if it gets ruined by jumping in a pool, so be it.

Another similarity between Aries and Tauruses is their work ethic and ambition. As Allure explains, Taurus signs work hard for their goals, and are headstrong in achieving them. As you might already see in yourself, Aries are equally willful and determined (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), so together, you're the ultimate power BFFs.

Leos and Aries always know how to have fun

Alas, another fire sign, because Aries need friends who will push them forward — and never hold them back. Leos make amazing friends for Aries because they understand your need for socializing at all times, becoming your perfect partner-in-crime on all those random weekend outings, talking up strangers at bars, and supporting your hilarious storytelling at parties.

Aries, you are the fountain of eternal youth, bubbling around the world with a pep in your step, rarely willing to tone it down (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). This can intimidate some signs, especially those who naturally retreat at gatherings or are insecure. Not Leos, though: As the lions of the zodiac, they're brave, confident, loud and proud (via Allure). A Leo will love seeing you bask in the spotlight, and will probably take over with a gripping story of their own — there's no better astrological match for party-going than you two.

As per Tarot, the Aries-Leo friendship is almost perfect, exemplified by tons of positivity, humor, and a boundless fervor to live life. Plus, while you Aries signs are notoriously fiercely independent, Leos are a bit more affectionate and slower-paced, sometimes convincing you to have a chill movie night, or giving you the best birthday presents. There are some issues though, so beware: Both of you have very strong personalities, and are sure to clash at some point. You both like to be the center of attention, so just remember to share!

Two Aries are always spontaneous

You might have thought befriending another Aries would result in a majorly destructive explosion, but that's not always the case. Sure, one Aries is already a lot to handle, and two can be too much to deal with for other people. While new friends you meet out and about can become overwhelmed by your constant inside jokes, boisterous laughter, random breaking into song, and sudden disappearing acts, an Aries-Aries friendship is just too fun to deny. You'll revel in each other's company, and feel happy at finally finding someone who thinks it's a good idea to do another round of tequila shots at 3 a.m. — or stretch out your vacation because you can't bear to go home yet.

As per Allure, Aries are young of spirit, love to talk, live passionately, and can get exasperated by slow walkers and people that think too much. Aries are unique — and that's exactly why two ram signs will understand each other so well. Plus, as your loved ones might already know, Aries have two flaws (it's okay, we all do!): They can be independent to the point of selfishness, and their short-tempered nature is off the charts. This is why an Aries-Aries friendship works so well — fellow rams will understand when the other just wants to go off by themselves and leave the world behind for a while. Similarly, fights between you will last just around five minutes before forgetting it ever happened in the first place.