Here's What The October 6 New Moon Means For Air Signs

Humans have been tracking the phases of the moon for millennia, and in doing so have placed special importance on the new moon. The appearance of the moon as a thin crescent in the evening sky marks the beginning of a new monthly cycle, and numerous cultures — Hindu, Judaism and Native American, to name a few — celebrate it as a time to reflect, set goals, and re-energize. 

October 6, 2021, marks the first new moon of the fall. Like all new moons, it promises to bring energy and motivation. However, this particular moon happens to conjunct with Mars, the planet of war, cautions Astrology King. That particular positioning can make us more impatient and irritable, which can lead to blowups and misunderstandings if we're not careful. But this moon also happens to occur in the sun sign of Libra, which is associated with harmony, beauty, and peace. Relationships will take center stage, and the challenge this month will be to renew or heal close bonds without bringing up old grudges or getting overly emotional, according to Allure. This is an excellent time to negotiate agreements and make future plans, per Astrostyle, but it's best not to make firm commitments just yet. New moons are times for starting, not signing on the dotted line.

People born under air signs — that's Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — will find this a particularly satisfying time if they take advantage of the opportunities the new moon is offering them. Here's how.

Air signs will be especially creative

Geminis, who are free-spirited to begin with, will be feeling particularly creative and uninhibited during the Libra new moon. They'll be inspired to do whatever sparks joy, explains Elite Daily. However, Mars' positioning during this time will wreak havoc with signals, and Geminis might have some bizarre dreams at night (via Astrology). Romance is also highlighted for the Twins, per Bustle; time to make reservations at that exotic new restaurant or paint 'n' sip class.

Lucky Libras will find that the new moon in their birth sign inspires them to new levels of self-confidence and self-realization (via Elite Daily). If you're a Libra, you might just decide to shake up your wardrobe or hair to suit your inner personality, or ditch the habits and hobbies that no longer work for you. The Mars influence might try to interfere with major plans, cautions InStyle, but as long as you stay focused on being your authentic self, those roadblocks shouldn't be around for long.

As for Aquarius, the new moon happens to fall in their house of adventure, which means they'll be more restless than usual (if that's even possible). Whether it's going on an actual trip, enrolling in a class, or finding a new social group, Water Bearers will be looking to broaden their minds in new ways (via Astrology). Just don't forget to stay true to yourself and your core values, adds Bustle. You may need to take a break from social media in order to re-center and remind yourself of who you are and what you stand for.