Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen's Style Evolution Over The Years

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have not just had a fashion evolution over their lives — they are fashion evolution. Millennials everywhere have grown up watching the Olsen twins evolve on their television screens since they were kids. Every single time an Olsen movie came out, fans knew that they were not only going to get a quality (read: cliché in the best way) movie, but some incredible fashion as well. Tell me that you did not spend years of your tweens obsessing over at least one of the looks in "Holiday in the Sun" and you're lying (via Vogue).

There was no era of fashion that the Olsen twins did not nail. In the early '90s, they were dressed in outfits that matched but were never identical, as i-D points out. Throughout their lives, as their fashion evolved from cutesy floral print dresses to boho-chic layers and even a goth-inspired phase, they stayed true to their matching-but-not style sense. Both girls were able to own their looks and evolve together. It's actually pretty incredible.

The Olsen twins have been so good at the fashion scene that they started their own clothing brand. The Row, which was began in 2006, is a luxury brand that features elevated staples without branding splashed all over it (via Robert Burke Associates). Basically, the Olsen twins are so good at their style that they decided to make a low-key brand out of it. Their style evolution is almost too good.

The Olsen twins started out strong with matching outfits

Even going back to their "Full House" days, the two have always nailed the subtle matching outfits (via Cosmopolitan). Any twin can toss on the same outfit and play into the whole matching schtick, but it takes some real fashion wizards to match while still showing off their personality. That truly was the key to them nailing almost every trend that they've ever tried in the last three decades. They were able to both stay true to the styles that worked for them, while also looking great with each other.

It started with their bedazzled headbands and adorable ballet flats, and was uphill from there. They kept walking the red carpet together throughout their teens and, while their styles changed, they stayed true to themselves. If you think the pink and purple outfits are good, just wait until you see what they rocked through their pre-teen years. 

The Olsen twins have always stuck to staples

Tell me that you're going to own a luxury fashion label someday without actually telling me. These outfits are *chef's kisses.* As The Zoe Report points out, this was the peak '90s style with a button down and blazer, yet somehow, this look still holds up today. If Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have done anything over the years, it's proven that a great base of staples is the way to go. Yes, the color of the blazers is a little, well, '90s, but you can't honestly say that this look isn't chic.

Fashion isn't just about the clothing, but how you put it together. One look at that updo and you can almost hear the sound of a caboodle clacking shut. The look is just enough trendy and just enough style to make for one iconic look that has clearly lived on through the years. If you think this is good, just wait until you see what they were rocking as teens. 

They leaned into the tomboy and girly-girly trends as teens

The Olsen twins' teen years brought style that every mall-goer was swooning over. With new hairstyles, fans could start to tell them apart along with the vibes of their outfits. As E! News says, Mary-Kate played more tom-boy characters while Ashley was the girly-girl type and their personal style reflected that as well. Like seen above, the two would often wear similar outfits but opt for pink and blue color switches, reflecting their own styles. This trend stayed with many of their movies as well as their show "So Little Time" (via Refinery 29).

They also switched up their hairstyles with one wearing it short while the other was a little longer. Or, one wearing their hair curly while the other wore it straight (via People). This gave fans double the looks to swoon over and double the hair inspiration to take to the salon with them. They're totally different identical twins, you know? 

The Olsen twins' boho phase was one of their most iconic

There was no better time to be alive than the Olsen twin's boho phase. The two didn't step onto the red carpet often, but when they did it was with braids, tousled curls, and a whole lot of darkly colored layers. Some of the looks they rocked, like the boho-chic curls, were not always a crowd pleaser (via But one thing was always for certain — they wore what they wanted to and for that they should be saluted.

Honestly, if you look back at the entire 30 years of the Olsen twins' fashion and all you can find to critique was their curly hair, then they're clearly doing something extremely right. As shown above, the Olsen twins knew how to take a trend of the moment and make it their own. While the rest of the world was going boho-chic with bright colors and patterns, according to Exhibit Archives, they were rocking a more neutral, put-together type of boho. That's fashion.

The Met Gala Olsens was peak accessory styling

It wouldn't be fair to talk about the Olsen twins' style without mentioning their accessories at least once. While they are known for their iconic round, semi-ombre sunglass style, their jewelry has always been on point. If you look close enough, you're always more than likely to find a stunning strappy heel or dainty necklace (via Who What Wear).

The year that they stepped onto the Met Gala carpet in 2017 wearing hair chains and chunky jewelry was iconic (via Vogue). It's like they said, "Oh, you want color? We'll show you color." Then they proceeded to give the world muted pops of color and earth tones that were absolutely stunning. It's incredible how they can stick to their own personal style while nailing every single trend. Not to mention that they were also nailing the almost-there dress look before it was cool. 

The Olsen twins know how to layer basics

This brings us to present day Olsen style. Ah, what a beautiful evolution it has been. What the Olsen twins lack in color they certainly make up for with layering. The women tend to stick to neutral colors (read: black and lighter black), but never skimp on style. Who What Wear even suggests that 75% of their closet could be the color black, which, is not generous enough. It's clear from their street style, as seen on Instagram, and their red carpet looks that they know how to layer like a dream.

The Olsen twins have had such a natural style evolution over time. While they started their style with cutesy, matchy-matchy looks, they've blossomed into their own personal style that people everywhere want to copy (via Grazia Daily). They've been nailing their personal style for over three decades, which is definitely something to be celebrated.