The Truth About Prince Charles And Kate Middleton's Relationship

Kate Middleton is said to have an outstanding relationship with her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton (via Cheat Sheet). She's managed to maintain that relationship while also balancing her role as the future queen and parenting her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. However, Kate also reportedly has a strong connection to her husband Prince William's father, Prince Charles.

William and Kate first met when they were both students at St. Andrews University in Scotland. After their relationship became serious, Charles reportedly welcomed Kate into the royal family with open arms, per The Mirror. After William and Kate got engaged, the Duchess of Cambridge gave an interview where she confirmed that Charles had been "very, very welcoming" and "very friendly" toward her. "It couldn't have gone easier, really for me," she confessed.

Charles' affection for Kate only seemed to grow as her royal wedding to William approached, and at the Prince of Wales was said to have given a very emotional toast at the couple's wedding reception, which was held at Buckingham Palace. Hello! Magazine notes Charles described Kate as the daughter he never had and added that the family was "lucky to have her." He also wished the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness.

For her part, Kate seems to have a lot of love and respect for Charles as well. Last year the duo made headlines when Kate was seen laughing heartily at Charles as they stood together at an event.

Kate Middleton & Prince Charles share a great affection for each other

Express reports that Kate Middleton clearly has a great rapport with Prince Charles. "The affection Kate clearly feels for her father-in-law could be one big thing she has in common with Camilla," royal expert Judi James previously told the outlet. The Mirror notes that Kate has also helped create a greater bond between her husband Prince William and his father. Kate even allegedly helped organize a sweet family portrait as a gift to Charles on his 70th birthday. In the photo, William and Kate are joined by their two oldest children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as William's brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle as the family gathers around Charles and Camilla. Kate and William have also both spoken out about what a loving grandfather Charles is to their children. In fact, Kate is said to refer to Charles as "grandpa" often when they're together.

Most recently, Kate and William met up with Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the premiere for the new James Bond movie. Upon spotting each other Charles and Kate shared a warm embrace and kissed each other on the cheek, leading one expert to claim that the two have a "rather tight relationship."

It seems clear that Kate and Charles have a deep mutual love and respect for one another, which likely helps to create a solid support system and backbone for William.