What Really Makes Native Deodorant So Special

If you've ever taken a quick scroll through an influencer-filled Instagram timeline, you've likely heard of Native Deodorant. The natural deodorant purveyor made its market debut in July of 2015 and it's been steadily gaining popularity since (via Racked). Natural deodorants still spark skepticism for some, but Native deodorants might just be worth making the switch.

As the brand's website explains, "Native makes daily staples like deodorant, body wash, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste that are good, clean, fun, and cruelty-free" (via Native). Native aims to make products that are good for you for the environment, and they offer plastic-free deodorant as a more sustainable option as well. The products are made without aluminum — a common ingredient in antiperspirants, according to Healthline – and contain more natural ingredients like coconut oil and tapioca starch.

Native deodorants catapulted to success following major support from influencers the brand collaborated with (via Business 2 Community). New York Magazine gave the products the title of "best smelling natural deodorant" in their recent article titled "The Best Natural Deodorants, According To Experts," and their eucalyptus and mint option has nearly 24,000 reviews on the company's website (via Native). Tons of people have been incorporating Native into their personal care routine, and with good reason.

Native deodorants actually work

Opting for a natural deodorant doesn't mean that you have to settle for something ineffective. Native's products are developed specifically for maximum effectiveness without any of the things that you don't want. Because each product is vegan and free of parabens, aluminum, and sulfate, Native Deodorant is one of the cleanest options available at your local Target (via Byrdie). Ingredients like tapioca starch and baking soda work together to keep you dry, while magnesium hydroxide fights odors. A Byrdie editor who tested the product noted that it feels super light on the skin and doesn't leave tons of residue, making it a super comfortable-to-use product.

Scent-wise, Native's line offers something for everyone. Options include coconut and vanilla, eucalyptus and mint, cucumber and mint, charcoal, and countless others, all of which are available on the company's website for $12. You can also save a little money by ordering customizable packs of multiple deodorants. Although $12 may sound like a steep price tag for a deodorant, this natural option is a great alternative to the classic products you're used to, so don't be afraid to give it a try. You can always throw your old deodorant in your purse for the road if you're nervous. But honestly, you probably won't even need it.