How Jennifer From Lookalike Love Transformed Herself Into Kim Kardashian West's Doppleganger

Many of us have that one celebrity that we idolize. You could love the series they've acted in, their quirky social media photos, or their killer style. Whatever it is, looking up to those in the spotlight is normal. That being said, there have been fans that have perhaps taken their admiration a smidge too far. Enter "Lookalike Love," the Lifetime series that follows people who physically transform themselves to resemble their favorite celebrity, per TV Insider.

The cast member currently in the spotlight is Jennifer Janelle Ward. Or should we say Kim Kardashian? It's hard to tell who is who because they're twinning so hard. Ward is a professional makeup artist, which gives her a noticeable advantage in her quest to copy Kim. There's no word yet on if KKW Beauty products are her favorite, but the doppelgänger owns a contour stick or two from the brand, as she's listed the product under several of her selfies

Ward takes her fascination with the Skims founder seriously. So committed is she that she uses six hours of her day to transform her appearance to match Kim's. Per The U.S. Sun, when it comes to achieving the right look, Ward spends "about four hours perfecting her hair and make-up while taking up another two hours getting into shape at the gym." Now that's dedication. 

Ward spends thousands on products and copycat clothes

Kim Kardashian has been an obsession for Jennifer Janelle Ward for nearly a decade. She claims to have found more self confidence through her transformations after being bullied throughout her childhood, per The Hype Magazine. Unfortunately, not everyone is supportive of her goal to look like the lawyer-in-training. Ward has fallen out pf touch with her family, as they failed to stand by her choices and the doppelgänger life she leads. Fortunately, she is not completely alone. Kim may no longer have Kanye West, but Ward does have a boo who is thrilled by her transformation. "He's been the driving force in everything I do and he loves that I look like Kim," Ward told the The U.S. Sun.

We know Ward puts in the time and gets the support she needs from her partner. But that's not enough to twin with the cultural icon. The doppelgänger has admitted to spending thousands of dollars on products and clothing items to copy Kim. And she's not afraid to use them all at once. "No lie I used 10293838 different products to get my skin to look like this,” she said under an Instagram photo posted in March in which she is clearly copying Kim.

The series finale of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" may have already aired. However, it appears Ward has made a job out of keeping up with at least one member of the famous family.