What The Cast Of CSI: Miami Looks Like Today

"CSI: Miami" was a huge part of the CBS network from its debut in September 2002 to the show's conclusion in April 2012. After more than 200 episodes, audiences around the world were devastated to see their favorite show come to an end.

The show was a spin-off of the mega hit "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." This time around, "CSI: Miami" followed a team of forensic investigators in southern Florida. The head of the team was Lieutenant Horatio Caine, a forensic analyst and one-time officer on a bomb squad. Caine was joined by quite a few beloved characters, and it's only natural that many fans of the show have wondered whatever everyone is up to — and what they look like — today.

Whether or not you watched the show faithfully, here's a glimpse into where many of its stars (including Emily Procter, Rex Linn, and Khanthi Alexander) ended up after leaving the show or riding out the series to its tenth season.

Emily Procter: Calleigh Duquesne

Emily Procter played ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne on "CSI: Miami" for the duration of the show, and she was reportedly the first hire the show's team made. As co-creator Ann Donahue told Entertainment Weekly back in 2002, Procter just made sense. "She was our first hire. We created a Southern belle, a beautiful former prom queen, and the very next day we heard Emily was available. She came in to talk to us, and she really was the character."

However, Procter was quick to point out a few things that she felt were major differences between herself and Duquesne. Chiefly, Procter described herself as much more scattered than the woman she portrayed from September 2002 to April 2012. As she explained, "Calleigh has a very intense, focused energy. I'm surprised they haven't strapped me down and made me take Ritalin yet."

Since the show's ending, Procter has moved on to philanthropy. She founded her nonprofit, The Ground, in 2019, which offers "social and emotional language awareness to combat negative personal narratives."

Rex Linn: Frank Tripp

Rex Linn starred as Detective Frank Tripp on "CSI: Miami," who he described to The Star Scoop as "the only cop on the show." It turns out that his character wasn't expected to last long. In fact, he was initially hired for only one episode, which quickly turned into another, then another, and then a full-blown offer to join the cast.

Linn told The Star Scoop, "I didn't start off the show. I was hired on the sixteenth episode, and not even as a regular. I was hired for one episode. They liked David Caruso's and my chemistry together. My agent called and said they wanted me for one more episode."

He continued, "That turned into nine in a row in the first season. In the second season, I did thirteen, and in the third season, I did nineteen. And then last year, they finally stepped up to the plate and signed me on as a regular. It's been fantastic."

Linn also explained to the publication that achieving fame on the level that came with "CSI: Miami" was never part of the plan, but he's pleased he was able to work for so long on the show. "I want to be respected by my peers and try to keep my work fresh. I came out here to work. That's why I came out here. If I'm fortunate enough and lucky enough to have celebrity go along with that, that's fantastic. Being famous was never in the cards for me. It was about being able to work in front of the camera and this will sound corny also, but to live my dream."

Linn has been dating country singer Reba McEntire since January 2020, according to Country Living, and the two seem pretty adorable and supportive of each other on Instagram.

Adam Rodriguez: Eric Delko

Fans of "CSI: Miami" definitely remember Adam Rodriguez, who played the embattled character Eric Delko. Rodriguez's character definitely shared a romantic vibe with Emily Proctor's Calleigh Duquesne. While fans were certainly into the possibilities between the two for quite some time, it never really panned out. In 2011, Rodriguez told TV Line that he felt like it was too bad the relationship was never realized.

Rodriguez explained that the show seemed to have moved beyond the two's potential. "We've sort of moved past it at this point, unfortunately. Whether the whole thing went to sh*t and we crashed and burned and it didn't work out, I always felt like that would be an interesting element to bring to the show — to give the audience the chance to watch a relationship between these two great friends and co-workers blossom and come to full fruition, and then tear it down."

Since the show's conclusion, Rodriguez has continued to enjoy steady work in Hollywood. Deadline announced in June 2021 that he will even be joining the cast of HBO Max's upcoming "The Real Magic Mike."

Eva LaRue: Natalia Boa Vista

Fans of "CSI: Miami" knew the show's Eva LaRue from her time on the soap opera "All My Children." LaRue was still technically on the show when she got the audition for "CSI: Miami." In 2008, LaRue explained to The TV Addict that she was coming off a hard pilot season when things fell into place. 

"Totally, absolutely, unexpected and out of the blue. I had just come off a really horrifying pilot season. I hadn't left the soap yet, I only had like three more days. I had gone through pilot season trying to find a job, couldn't get a job, had gotten totally dragged through the process where you put on hold and you have to audition again, and then again, and it was horrifying."

LaRue went on to tell a pretty scary story: She actually missed the audition for the show after her daughter almost drowned while the two were spending time with Kelly Ripa and her family. Luckily, her daughter was okay. "Kelly got to her before I did and pulled her out of the water, so I didn't end up going to the audition. I was like, forget it, I'm not going, I'm too traumatized, like oh my god, my kid almost died while I sat there and watched her. So I didn't go. Then I figured, okay that's dead."

In the end, to the joy of "CSI" fans everywhere, LaRue made the audition work. Since her time on the show, LaRue has found herself back in the soap opera world, most recently appearing on "The Young and the Restless" (via IMDb). 

Khandi Alexander: Alexx Woods

Khandi Alexander is known for bringing the lives of complicated, focused, and driven women to the small screen. While many of her characters have been a little on the intense side, it definitely seems like their shared focus is something that is inherent in Alexander. As she told The World, she rarely watches her own work due to this personality trait.

"There are [so many] things I've never seen. I'm too critical and I know exactly what I did, so if they use the wrong take ... [I] just have to trust that I did 100 percent and let it go ... because I'll look at it and rip it apart."

While Alexander left the show in 2008, she has fond memories of playing Alexx Woods. As she told CSI Files, she really respected her character. "My favorite thing about the character is that she speaks to the dead, that she cares enough to remember that this is someone's mother or father or sister or brother, and that she is always aware of the human condition and how fragile life is, and the compassion that she has that connects her to the life force that is no longer there. As opposed to just a dead body that is lying on the table, she sees a person and the shame of how short the life was or how violently it may have ended." While Alexander has found consistent work since "CSI," fans may recognize her the most as Maya Lewis in ABC's "Scandal" (via IMDb).