Alexa Chung's Brunette Look That Fans Envy

Whenever we see Alexa Chung, we have to remind ourselves that even though she looks great with bangs, the hairstyle doesn't work well for everyone. (Although, it is possible to get the best bangs for your face shape, so maybe we'll continue to debate the chic look.)

In addition to inspiring envy with her signature fringe, Chung's overall fashion sense is a constant source of desire. Thankfully, Who What Wear has provided a fantastic guide to help admirers copy Chung's most glamorous outfits, so that's one part of the equation down. 

Chung became an instant cultural icon when she began modeling in the early 2000s, and her status was cemented when she started her career as a television presenter shortly thereafter (via Business of Fashion). Over the years, the British star has worn a variety of hats (both professionally and stylistically), including fashion designer, author, and general trendsetter. We might need more time to decide whether we want bangs, but in the meantime, we can at least copy Alexa Chung's brunette look.

Her brunette hair color is multi-dimensional

Alexa Chung is often praised for her Parisian-inspired sense of style. She's most commonly associated with her super-cool fringe, but the fashionista has adopted numerous haircuts over the years, including both short bobs and longer waves (via British Vogue). Speaking with Byrdie in 2019 about her ever-evolving appearance, Chung said there was one haircut that she enjoyed the most. "​​I really like a very short bob,” Chung said. She added that the look influences the way she approaches her style. "My issue with that is it does change what you have to do with your clothes. It's not like I feel like a man, but I do just feel too masculine, so then I have to wear ultra-feminine things, and I don't have enough of those in the wardrobe to keep up with it," the British star told Byrdie. 

But regardless of whether she's rocking a softer hairstyle or a more tailored, A-line cut, Chung has a beautiful shade of brunette hair. The color is a light coppery brown and is achieved through the use of multi-dimensional tones. Chung has dark brown roots that transition into a lighter, copper color toward the ends (via Byrdie).

Speaking with Vogue India in 2018, Chung described how she likes to rock her natural hair color, but that she'll touch it up with the help of the L'Oréal Professionnel Parisian Chocolat dye collection. A gorgeous brunette shade we can buy at the drugstore? Sign us up!