The Exact Eye Shadow Naomi Osaka Wore To The Met Gala

The Met Gala might be all about the fashion, but no look would be complete without the makeup. Naomi Osaka's Met Gala outfit is proof of that. Yes, the gorgeous watercolor print that was designed by Naomi's sister was absolutely stunning (via StyleCaster). And yes, the gravity-defying hair was eye-catching. But it was the colorful eye makeup that tied it all together.

The Met Gala was filled with A-listers, but this 23-year-old went there to stand out. Osaka completely understood the assignment this year, as she combined her personal style, heritage, and family into the design. Even her makeup was on point, thanks to makeup artist Jessica Smalls, and some not-so-secret makeup products.

According to StyleCaster, Osaka was one of the first people to wear the eye products that she rocked on the red carpet. Don't worry though, because you can get the product in that exact same shade — and so many more — now that some time has passed.

Naomi Osaka wore Glossier's Monchrome Palette at the Met Gala

There's nothing like a dramatic eye look on the red carpet, and Naomi Osaka's bright red eye makeup at the Met Gala was just that. The event is filled with unconventional clothing items that make a statement, but makeup is typically one thing that is actually attainable from the event — except this time, apparently. When Osaka stepped out on the red carpet, the makeup item that she wore hadn't launched yet (via StyleCaster).

Thankfully, enough time has passed for you to recreate the exact look. According to StyleCaster, Osaka wore Glossier's Monochromes on the red carpet, which has since then launched on the brand's website. The three-pan eyeshadow palette is filled with monochrome colors to nail a one-colored look.

Osaka's eyeshadow is a great example of how to use Glossier's palette. There might only be one tone in the palette, but the look had so much depth to it. The palette might have been Clay Monochrome, which is filled with rich terracotta shades; Mesa, which includes warm orange hues; or Heather, which can be likened to dusty rose. The matte, satin, and metallic shades all in the same hue were absolutely stunning on the sports star (via Glossier).

Glossier's Monochromes are Met Gala-Approved

Glossier has a way of taking complicated makeup products and making them simple again. Their Monochromes are exactly that. According to the brand's Instagram, the Glossier crew created a bunch of shades that they loved, picked 10 that they "don't want to go another day without," and then made them into three different finishes — matte, satin, and metallic. Those palettes are available on the brand's website right now for just $22 each (via Glossier).

This is the very first eyeshadow palette created by the brand, and it definitely stays true to Glossier's roots. All of Glossier's products are designed to be easy to use, and the Monochromes are no different. According to Refinery29, these palettes are so easy to apply that you can actually use your fingers to create your ideal look.

As far as how to apply the shade to nail Osaka's look, it's really pretty simple. According to Into The Gloss, makeup artist Jessica Smalls used the palette on the middle of the eye to really make it pop. You could easily get the look — or a more toned-down version — at home by using the same Monochromes palette.

Naomi Osaka's makeup artist used other Glossier products too

According to Into The Gloss, the eyeshadow wasn't the only Glossier product that makeup artist Jessica Smalls used to create the look. The cult classic Boy Brow and Brow Flick were also used to nail the dramatic look. "In the center of the eye I used Monochromes, which is an unreleased eyeshadow trio from Glossier, in a shimmery, soft taupe shade," Smalls told the publication. "I used Boy Brow in Black to shape and fluff the brow, and I filled them in with Brow Flick in Black."

While the look is definitely on the dramatic side, it's actually pretty minimalist. The eye and lip are extremely bright, but the rest of her face looks like it would any other day. According to Into The Gloss, the look only took 45 minutes to create, which, considering some of these A-listers sit in the makeup chair all day for events, is actually pretty incredible. Considering that Smalls used the super simple Glossier products to create the look, it makes a whole lot of sense.

You could easily take inspiration from this look and create your own Met Gala-vibe right at home!