If You're A Gemini These Are The Other Signs You Should Befriend

Ah, the Gemini — the sign that's so intense that it's represented by twin personalities (via Zodiac Enthusiasts). According to Allure, Geminis "are the social butterflies of the zodiac." But when it comes to who they're close friends with, let's just say they stick to people who are like-minded.

According to Allure, the Gemini is one of the most underrated zodiac signs when it comes to complexity — and their dual personalities actually just represent playful and intellectual layers that keep this air sign bubbly and bouncing from one social interaction to the next. That being said, Geminis need friends that will keep up with them, because they tend to get bored in situations where the activities and conversations remain stagnant (via Zodiac Enthusiasts). As Nylon puts it, "once they lose their enthusiasm, these personalities have no qualms with dropping everything to find something (or someone) more spirited and intellectually fulfilling."

However, Girl Boss says that when a Gemini finds the right sign to befriend, the match has the potential to live on until the end of time. That's because Geminis know exactly what they want — someone who is as passionate and curious as they are. Here's a breakdown of who Geminis can tolerate the most, so if you were born between May 21 and June 20, or are looking to befriend someone who was, you can hopefully make a friendship that lasts. 

Geminis and Aries make a strong friendship

Make no mistake, Geminis are fun. They're like the friends who make the plans, call to remind you, and then show up wearing the best outfit. According to Girl Boss, Geminis tend to befriend air signs like Libras, Aquariuses, and Aries. Of course, all signs tend to stick together, but Geminis go deep with their fun-loving and intelligent air signs.

When it comes to a Gemini's friendship with an Aries, it's all about having fun (via Tarot.com). According to Allure, Aries jump before they even have a chance to think, which may pair well with the Gemini's fun-loving, daredevil spirit. The two signs will definitely get into some trouble when they're together, but that makes for a fun-loving friendship (via Girl Boss). Whether it's a late night out on the town or planning a dinner date for all their friends, these two social signs will bring the fun.

The real kicker is how these two deal with conflict. According to ZodiacFire, Aries deal with conflict head-on, while the outlet claims that Geminis are somewhat unpredictable when it comes to conflict. In a friendship, the two can learn a lot from each other. Aries won't let Geminis slip out of hard conversations and they'll hold them accountable, which makes them great friends.

Geminis pair well with fellow air signs

Air signs are not only great at communicating but they're also intellectual and clever (via Astrology.com). That means that a friendship between two air signs can handle both the good and the bad. In the good times, the two entertain each other and keep each other on their toes, per Girl Boss. And when it comes to the rocky times, the two know how to communicate to make it better (per Astrology.com). That's friendship goals right there.

As for Geminis and Aquariuses, the two are both extremely intelligent (via Tarot.com). While Geminis are mainly seen as impulsive and fun-loving, an Aquarius' intelligent side brings that out in a Gemini. A Libra's strong mind does the same for a Gemini, which makes them a great friend as well. 

According to Nylon, Geminis have multiple layers, and sometimes all it takes is a different sign's attributes to bring out their own. Finding like-minded friends that highlight their many sides is a must for a Gemini.

Geminis struggle with over-emotional signs

Geminis likely have a whole lot of friends but also cherish their alone time and avoid emotions at all costs. Geminis don't necessarily clash with too many of the signs, but they can get overwhelmed by the more emotional signs (via Nylon).

For example, Scorpios and Geminis don't often befriend one another, as Geminis can't often handle the Scorpio's depth of emotion (via Elite Daily). The two signs want to be friends with each other, but the friendship is almost always a bit too much for the pair. 

Because Pisces are among the most emotional zodiac signs, emotionally-detached Geminis may tend to avoid them as well (via Bustle). While Geminis are intellectually deep, they will avoid talking about emotions at all costs, so the two don't mesh well. However, Nylon says that "The trick is letting them find the most satisfying path to your heart in their own way (if you have the patience for that — and many don't)."

For all you Geminis out there, stick to the air signs and you'll have a friendship that's written in the stars.