Dr. Mercy Shares Her Best Dermatological Advice - Exclusive

While it was her parents' work in medicine that initially inspired Dr. Mercy to begin a career in dermatology, her love for her work and her daughter is ultimately what lead to the beginning of her own practice — and her passion for her patients is what has grown it. TLC's brand new series, "Dr. Mercy," follows Chicago-based board certified Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo, a dermatologist who specializes in malignant growths, benign lesions, Mohs surgery for skin cancers, and more (via the Lilly Derm). But despite her impressive knowledge and expertise, she sees her patients as more than just cases, she seeks to change their lives. "A lot of what we do in dermatology, it's not just the skin that you're treating, you're treating a person as a whole," she said of her work per E! News.

The List recently sat down with Dr. Mercy for an exclusive interview to talk all about her brand new series, the inspiration behind her career, the work that goes into her practice, and more. She also shared some insider information regarding her top dermatological tips that you're not going to want to miss.

Here's what inspired Dr. Mercy's practices

In case having her own television series on TLC wasn't enough, Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo has not one, but two dermatological practices: Lilly Aesthetics in Chicago and Lilly Dermatology in Michigan. Dr. Mercy shared with us that she named her practices after her daughter Lilly, who she credits as the "inspiration behind all of this." And indeed, it's this kind of passion and love that she channels into her work as a dermatologist, explaining that she views her patients as family and hopes that her patients view her that way, too. "When you walk in, you're not just a patient. I take it as a privilege to be able to serve you," she explained to The List. "I take it as an honor to be able to even meet you, to come in contact with you."

But not everyone has the good fortune of being a patient of Dr. Mercy's, which is exactly why she was so keen on sharing some of her best dermatological advice with us.

Dr. Mercy advises to watch out for these signs

So how do you know when to seek a doctor about a dermatological issue? Well, Dr. Mercy says there are a few obvious signs that should encourage you to seek a professional. "If something starts growing, if you notice a lump in your skin, if you notice any moles that are changing color, like from pink to red, if anything's bleeding, anything going from pink to black, if you just don't feel good. I always say patients know their bodies well."

Dr. Mercy adds that when her patients come to her with a concern that something isn't right, she will always listen to their worries and hear them out. "Listen to your body, listen to your intuition. If it doesn't feel right, you're probably correct. And go and seek help." But in the end, being optimistic yet proactive will always be the best way to navigate your health.

"Dr. Mercy" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.