Why Twitter Is Seeing Red Over The Home Alone Reboot

Nothing says Christmas like "Home Alone" — except maybe a reboot of the classic 1990 film that was just introduced on Disney+ called "Home Sweet Home Alone" (via Vulture and IMDb). Yes, this film is yet another example of Hollywood reinventing the wheel if you ask Twitter, which is so far unimpressed with the new adaptation of John Hughes' iconic feel-good holiday flick. To be fair, the movie doesn't come out until November 12, 2021, but that hasn't stopped social media from finding fault with the concept of rebooting such a beloved movie.

First, it's worth noting that "Home Sweet Home Alone" features an impressive cast. No, Macaulay Culkin does not reprise his role as Kevin, nor does Catherine O'Hara star. Yup, we're disappointed too. But you will see Ellie Kemper in the new version, as well as the hilarious Rob Delaney, and Kenan Thompson, as well as Archie Yates as the new Kevin-like character (via IMDb). The only original cast member who makes a cameo is Devin Ratray, playing Kevin's older brother, Buzz, as an adult.

But the cast of the new installment of the film, which as the trailer reveals seems awfully similar to the original in terms of plot, is not helping its cause on Twitter. Instead, fans are seeing red and are not holding back on their strong opinions about the movie's mere existence.

"Home Sweet Home Alone" is not worthy if you ask Twitter

Twitter is not having it when it comes to "Home Sweet Home Alone," with a typical tweet reading, "I refuse to acknowledge this movie's existence. Home Alone will always be with Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci."

Someone else felt perturbed at a seeming requirement to view the new film, tweeting, "The new Home Alone trailer just casually reveals that it's a sequel to the original and Devin Ratray is reprising the role of Buzz and now I'm furious that I am required to watch it."

Another angry Twitter user commented, "Hey Disney. If i wanted to watch Home Alone, i would just watch the original movie."

One Twitter user pleaded with fellow fans in a call to action, tweeting, "maybe this travesty will finally awaken people to the fact that the original Home Alone is more than just another Christmas TV movie: it's an extremely well-made, well-acted, well-executed comedy and there's a reason it's stuck around this long. Home Alone Hive, rise up now."

Finally, one individual held nothing back by tweeting, "STOP MAKING HOME ALONE REMAKES macaulay slayed and everyone trying to copy his masterpiece are embarrassing themselves."