How Chicago Fire Fans Feel About Adriyan Rae Leaving The Show

The One Chicago universe — that is, the connected universe shared between "Chicago Fire," "Chicago P.D.," and "Chicago Med" — is one of television's hottest offerings at the moment, and its writers certainly know how to keep viewers invested in its stories. Because "Chicago Fire" has been on the air for several seasons, debuting in 2012 according to Rotten Tomatoes, its cast has changed throughout its ten-season run so far.

Cast member Monica Raymund, for example, has opened up about why she left "Chicago Fire," and fellow cast member Miranda Rae Mayo has opened up about her experience working on the popular fire department drama. Sadly, cast members have even been lost to untimely deaths, which was the case for DuShon Monique Brown.

One of the series' latest exits comes from Adriyan Rae, who has been on the show in the role of Gianna Mackey since 2020 (via IMDb). Rae is also known for her work on "Vagrant Queen," "Atlanta," and "The Game." Still, while fans can see her in other projects, they're feeling a certain way about her exit from "Chicago Fire."

Did Adriyan Rae choose to leave Chicago Fire?

Adriyan Rae's Gianna Mackey departed "Chicago Fire" in its Season 9 finale due to accepting a better job, but the decision to leave "Chicago Fire" was actually Rae's, not the writers' (via CheatSheet). "Adriyan let us know she had some private reasons to leave 'Chicago,'" Derek Haas, the series' creator, told Entertainment Weekly. "To hear that as a showrunner, you absolutely respect what an actor needs. All I can say is we love her and I know she's going to be great on some other series."

Rae announced the news herself in an Instagram post, and fans swarmed its comments section to let her know how much she'll be missed on "Chicago Fire." "I absolutely loved you on the show queen. Look forward to seeing where you'll go next," one user wrote. Meanwhile, another said, "I can't wait to see what awaits you in the future." Naturally, a plethora of comments simply contained heart emojis to express solidarity with the fan-loved actor.

While some commenters expressed general sentiments of wanting to see more of Rae, others expressed their love for her drive and talent. For example, a user said, "[I] actually really liked your character. You brought her to life and made an impact on such short time. Thanks for making Mackey special." Another said, "[Y]ou instantly became my favorite character. Sad to see you leave, but continued success!!"

Like her fans on Instagram, we're sure the future holds nothing but immaculate success for Rae, who let her acting chops prove themselves on "Chicago Fire."