This Is How Dog The Bounty Hunter Really Spent His Honeymoon

Just a few weeks after Dog the Bounty Hunter tied the knot with Francie Frane, the reality star enjoyed a luxury honeymoon getaway at a fancy beach resort. 

According to the Daily Mail, the Bounty Hunter and Frane travelled to Naples, Florida in September 2021, where they stayed at the W Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort. In photographs obtained by the publication, the reality star is seen celebrating his sixth marriage by drinking cocktails by the pool, taking sunset walks along the beach, and speeding through the ocean on a jet ski. 

As Entertainment Tonight reported, the Bounty Hunter, real name Duane Chapman, married Frane in Colorado on Thursday, September 2, 2021. Chapman was previously married to the late Beth Chapman for 13 years. However, Beth passed away from cancer in June 2019. Following her death, the reality star claimed he would never remarry, but less than a year later he proposed to Frane in May 2020.

Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughters did not attend the wedding

Per the Daily Mail, Duane Chapman's Colorado wedding was attended by three of his sons, Jon, Leland, and Garry Boy, all of whom escorted their father down the aisle. However, the reality star's two daughters, Cecily and Bonnie, were notably absent from the wedding guest list following reports of a rift within the Chapman family. 

While exchanging vows at the ceremony, Chapman said, "This was a match made in heaven. Francie, I give you my word, I will love you every day until I die. I will love you, guard you and protect you. I love you more than I do myself, Francie. I will love you more than any man ever has."

Speaking ahead of the nuptials with Entertainment Tonight, Chapman's new wife Frane, whose previous husband also passed away from cancer, said that she and the Bounty Hunter would continue to "honor" their late spouses. "We honor them all of the time. And so we will continue to do that throughout their lives. Throughout our life together, we will continue to do that. They will be a part of that always," she told the publication.