Here's What Sharon From Love Island Is Doing Now

After a shocking recoupling halfway through Season 7 of "Love Island," Sharon Gaffka was dumped from the villa. Although Gaffka left quite teary.

Since then, Gaffka has been speaking openly in interviews about her experience on the show (via Tyla). "Most of my 'Love Island' experience has been helping other people come out of their shell and being that supporting role," she told ITV. "It was only towards the end I realized that I'm here for the same reason as everyone else so I should be selfish and not take a backseat because of the friends I've made."

She's also revealed that much of her frustration on the show stemmed from the fact that many of the male contestants seemed to only be attracted to the tanned, blonde, female islanders. "All of the women in the villa were beautiful, but it's hard to listen to day in and day out and know that you're basically fighting a losing battle," she told Tyla, "There's no point of having a diverse cast if you're not gonna [recruit members of] the opposite gender [who have a] diverse type."

Although her time on the show didn't translate into everlasting love, it proved fruitful in her professional life.

Sharon is working with her fellow islanders on a campaign

Like many islanders, Sharon Gaffka left "Love Island" with a serious boost in social media followers. She currently has more than 330k Instagram followers. And she's shared some exciting brand collaborations with fans.

She's worked with fashion retailers like "Missy Empire," "QUIZ Clothing," and "SHEIN." However, perhaps her biggest advertising gig has been teaming up with the lingerie brand "Boux Avenue." In a post on Instagram, she shared, "I'm really excited to announce that I'm part of @BouxAvenue new 'Girls' Night In' campaign! These shorties in a bag are one of my faves!"

Gaffka joined fellow Season 7 "Love Island" ladies Lucinda Stafford and Lillie Haynes in the collaboration that celebrates all things slumber party. She can be seen on their website modeling the products, as well as promoting them on her Instagram.

Gafka may not have found her match on 'Love Island,' but she revealed to Mirror that she's once again ready to start dating. "It doesn't have to be a celebrity! I just want a nice person. But anyone not in the public eye might be put off if people come up to me and ask for pictures or get papped," she said. 

She further explained that the true test would be in finding someone who could handle her newfound fame. "I went out for drinks with Chuggs as friends and that was in the newspaper. Is every date I go on going to be in the paper?"