The Truth About Karen Huger's Candle Line

From the moment that she announced her novel business venture of selling fragrances, the self-proclaimed Grande Dame of Potomac, Karen Huger, has been met with suspicion. On "The Real Housewives of Potomac," Huger has rarely been taken as seriously by her cast-mates as she takes herself. Although she has often been met with people questioning everything from her marriage to her finances, Huger has remained confident and proud. Try as they might, they can't seem to break the Dame.

When Huger announced that she would be releasing a fragrance back in 2018, her cast-mates all doubted the entire process from beginning to end, particularly Gizelle Bryant (via Screen Rant). However, when the "Real Housewives" star shared that she would be expanding her brand by adding 3-wick-candles, she was met with a lot more than doubt. Here's the truth about her candle line, and all the drama that surrounds it.

The candle line has caused drama between Karen Huger and Wendy Osefo

Fellow Housewife Wendy Osefo joined the cast in Season 5, and while she and Karen Huger were on the same committee, Osefo was met with the cold shoulder. The two initially clashed but eventually attempted to build a friendship.

Having already been working on her own candle range and even seeking out Huger's business guidance, Osefo was surprised to hear the news about her frenemy beginning a candle line of her own. The entire cast considered the move shady, and Huger even felt the need to address the claims in an Instagram post, where she claimed she'd already been working on this venture for three years.

Huger furthered the shadiness by hinting during an interview portion of the show that her candle line is superior to Osefo's. "There's a little difference in what Wendy and I are doing," she told the camera. "The La'Dame candle is a three-wick candle, and hers is a one-wick candle. So mine can cover the area of a larger space, if you will" (via Bravo TV).

While many questioned her motives and how long the candle line had really been in the works, the Dame is proceeding with the release, although it's unknown when exactly the candles will be on the market (via Screen Rant). Huger promised during the show that her brand will only continue to grow and branch out into numerous avenues, so we should be seeing many more lifestyle products (and drama!) to come.