Jobs That Actually Prefer If You Have Tattoos

Tattoos are an art form and a way for people to express themselves and their personalities through ink on their skin. Many with tattoos look at them as artwork on the canvas that is their body. While many people love and appreciate the art of tattoos, there are a lot of people in society who do not. Tattoos, today, are common amongst Millennials and younger generations, whereas older generations do not have as many tattoos (via It's also impacted the ability and chance for one to gain employment and a job. 

In the past, the stigma against having tattoos was vast and common, with many companies looking down on those who would show up for an interview with tattoos. Today, as tattoos have become more common and are more normalized in society, the stigma with hiring tattooed individuals has lessened. In fact, research indicates that of 327 employers asked about how a candidate's tattoos would affect their decision to hire them, 22.7% said it wouldn't. However, there was still a high 13% of employers who said that it would impact their decision and they would not hire them (via workopolis). 

So, if you're tattooed and have visible ones that are easily seen, you may want to look into jobs that do want you to be tattooed and show them.

Jobs that actually love your tattoos

If you are someone who is tattooed, or someone considering getting tattoos, thinking about the job force is something of importance. There are still industries and professions where people discriminate based on tattoos and how many/how visible they are. However, there are many industries that do not care about tattoos at all. 

Making sure that your tattoos are not crude, vulgar, or offensive is also something that can play a vast role in employment. If you have tattoos that have offensive language or show nudity, it may not be the best when working with children, for example (via tatring).

Working in the field of art or design is one place in which tattoos are not judged and most times, are celebrated. As tattoos are an art form to many, being an artist or a designer is something that falls into this category. In addition, working as a tattoo artist is something where tattoos are indeed celebrated and may help you even land a job in a studio, too (via

Other jobs that allow tattoos are "physical jobs." Jobs that require you to do physical labor many times require a uniform, and also they are not discriminatory against tattoos. Some examples are fire fighters, bouncers, plumbers, lumberjacks, machinists, military-related jobs, and construction workers. In addition to them not caring much about tattoos, many of these jobs can be union jobs — which is a great plus (via