The Best BFF Tattoos For Friends Who Love To Travel

Tattoos are a way for people to express themselves, show off art, have visual reminders permanently imprinted, and for 27%, remember a certain time or place, according to Statista. In particular, millennials enjoy body art, as more people from this age group have tattoos than own a home (via CHALK Magazine).

A trendy and creative idea is for people to get matching tattoos. A couple can celebrate their love this way, a family can be uniquely bonded, or friends can embark on this adventure together. While the options are endless, when it comes to the types of tats to get, many BFFs may opt for travel-related ones.

The vehicles used to get from place to place, the landscapes of favorite vacation spots, words associated with wanderlust ... All of this and more can serve as inspiration. Look below for specific tattoo ideas to consider getting with your own travel buddy!

Airplane tats for those always ready to catch a flight

First up is this airplane-inspired permanent ink for those who are up for adventure, at any time and all the time. This particular piece of artwork, seen on Instagram, has a plane flying through the sky, leaving a heart-shaped trail behind it. What a cute way to put this passion on display!

The trail and the word could be altered or deleted, and the plane could be as detailed or as simple as friends want. Personalization makes the tattoo process even more special.

Map tattoos can show off where you've been

Of course, a map or a globe is something else for travelers to consider, and there are so many different variations. The imagery could be general. It could show a certain place in the world, like where two friends went together, since, as this Instagram example shows, "friends who travel together, stay together."

Or it could be a game of sorts: You could have the places you've visited colored in, using your body as a bucket list for where else you need to go!

Tattoos split in half can show off one awesome location

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine a graphic permanently put onto your body and boldly presenting a location.

If you and your bestie always visit one city, it could be the inspiration for your matching tattoos, as could the place where you two met. If you prefer mountains or the beach, the tat could be something more general, such as one wave or a couple of peaks. In addition, you could each get half of the scene, so that both of them together make a complete and special picture, as seen on these Instagram users.

Coordinate tattoos to celebrate a special place

A final idea, when it comes to travel-focused tattoos for best friends to consider, is coordinates. Once again, people may use their go-to vacay destination, their meeting place, their hometown, or maybe even where they want to go, which yet again could keep a running tab close by, just in case.

This image shows the same font, using the same body placement. But once again, customization could be used, mixing up the design and where the tattoo ends up (via Instagram).