Everything We Know About Lance Bass' Husband

Lance Bass has been turning heads and stealing hearts since his NSYNC days, and he still looks just as good as ever. Though he's not performing with NSYNC anymore, Bass has been embarking on new journeys as of late — and they involve his husband, Michael Turchin. Bass is never afraid to share big family news or explain how he really feels about becoming a dad, and this makes him all the more likable. But we can't forget Turchin, who's half of the family.

That is, until now. Turchin and the former pop star live an insanely lavish lifestyle, and they've now expanded their family. The happy couple welcomed twins into the world via a surrogate mother, which Bass announced via Instagram on Thursday, October 15, 2021 per CNN. The two named their babies Alexander and Violet.

All eyes are on the Bass-Turchin household at the moment, but some don't know who exactly Turchin is. However, it's time for that to change.

Michael Turchin took classes in acting after graduating college

For starters, Michael Turchin is an actor and artist known for his pop art projects (via Famous Birthdays). He was born in January 1987, making him 34 (as of publication) and a Capricorn, and he married Lance Bass in 2014. Hailing from Miami Beach, Florida, Turchin went on to earn his bachelor's degree from Georgetown University before setting his sights on higher and higher goals.

According to The Sun, Turchin met Bass in 2011, meaning the two have been together for a full decade now, and Turchin's career has simultaneously been on the rise. Per his IMDb page, Turchin is most known for his work in 2014's "Alien Abduction," 2011's "Isolation," 2017's "On Hiatus with Monty Geer," and 2013's "First Period." "On Hiatus with Monty Geer" is his latest film. Before being cast in roles, though, Turchin studied at Stella Adler Studio of Acting in Los Angeles, per Famous Birthdays.

Together, Turchin and Bass have been unstoppable. The couple hasn't gotten to properly celebrate their lasting a decade, though. "During COVID, we couldn't really go anywhere we wanted to. I always dreamt of taking him to Paris and doing a little getaway for 10 years," Bass told People. Still, they've been making matters work, and now their family is bigger and happier than ever.