Prince William Reveals Prince Louis' Favorite Pastime

Royal children are just like all the other kids out there. Sure, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are in the direct line of succession to one day claim the throne, but they (and their cousins Archie and Lilibet) likely share a lot of common interests with other children their ages. Prince George reportedly loves to track his height against a tree to see how fast he is growing. And according to Hello!, he's also learning how to play guitar and likes to play tennis with mom Kate Middleton. Princess Charlotte, meanwhile, is a budding gymnast who also loves horses and ballet.

But what about Prince Louis? At only 3 years of age, he's the youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children. But he seemingly also has a very wide and varied set of interests. Hello! noted that the young prince has taken to riding a bike and reportedly loves to get creative. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a photo of Louis covered in paint to celebrate his second birthday last year.  And that's not all, either. Louis also apparently enjoys construction work and trucks. He even went through a phase where he'd hang up his parents' phone calls, per Express.

Basically, he's just like any other toddler out there, even if he does live a more luxurious life than some. And now, Prince William is sharing some additional insight into Prince Louis' favorite things.

According to Prince William, Prince Louis practically 'lives outside'

Prince William shared some insight into his youngest child while speaking about the threat of climate change during a BBC project. He revealed that his son loves to be out in nature (via The Sun). "Louis just enjoys playing outside the whole time," he said. "He lives outside." Considering how happy Prince Louis looks while riding a bike, it makes sense that he'd get a kick out of spending time playing in the great outdoors.

While it's not surprising, it is interesting since Prince Louis is growing up in the city. The toddler was born after his parents made an apartment at Kensington Palace their primary residence, which means that means he's likely spent a good deal of time out in London as a child. In comparison, Prince George and Princess Charlotte had probably spent more time at the family's country estate Anmer Hall, which is where they lived when they were his age.

It's likely that Prince Louis will fall even more in love with nature when he gets to see more of the world, as he will one day join his parents on royal tours. In fact, the Mirror noted that his siblings were younger than the prince when they embarked on their first tours. As was their cousin Prince Archie, who accompanied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to South Africa in 2019. Hopefully his first trip will include plenty of time to explore the local surroundings.