Doing This Might Help Your Pet Hate Their Halloween Costume A Little Less

There's nothing quite as magical as seeing a dog or a cat dressed up in a festive Halloween costume. Whether it's a dachshund dressed as a hot dog or a cat dressed as a queen (which you can see via Petco's website), we love it all. As it turns out, dressing up your pets isn't just something millennials who are putting off having kids do as a substitute on Halloween. People have been dressing up their pets for centuries.

Vox found that dressing up dogs and cats is a tradition that has long been observed across the world. King Cuo of Zhongshan, who was king of China from 327 to 309 BC, was buried with his dogs who were wearing large jeweled collars. In the early days of Hollywood cinema, the mega-studio MGM released a whole series about dogs doing human things. They would wear outfits and do things like go to war. This stuff is not new!

According to CBS New York, Americans are spending nearly half a billion dollars on Halloween costumes for their pets each year. Sadly, not all pets are good sports about wearing said costumes. So, if you're forking over the cash to dress up your furry BFF, you might need some advice to help them tolerate their Halloween look — at least long enough to take a photo.

Take it slow when dressing your pet up this Halloween

Thankfully, The Dodo spoke to New York veterinarian Dr. Robert Proietto to get some tips to help pet owners make their cat or dog more comfortable in Halloween garb.

The best advice Dr. Proietto gave is to start slow with your pets. Doing a trial run with clothing could help the animal get more comfortable. Plus, if they hate it, you know not to fork over a wad of cash for a Halloween costume. "Try putting a T-shirt on them to see if they will tolerate wearing clothes before jumping into a cute Halloween costume," the vet shared.

Additionally, Entirely Pets recommends letting your pet sniff out the costume before putting it on. If they familiarize themselves with the scent, it could help them feel more comfortable wearing it on their body. Also, it's key to give them lots of praise and treats. There's nothing their favorite treat and some belly rubs can't fix!