Hannah Godwin And Dylan Barbour's Entire Relationship Timeline

While "The Bachelor" franchise isn't exactly known for a stellar track record when it comes to long-lasting couples, we feel pretty confident that Bachelor Nation favorites Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are going to stick. The adorable couple met on Season 6 of "Bachelor in Paradise," and after surviving the heat, the drama, and even a love triangle, we're pretty sure that Godwin and Barbour can handle any obstacle that comes their way.

Although Godwin and Barbour have been engaged for over two years now, they're still just as smitten with each other as they were on the show, and have taken some pretty big steps together since the "BiP" finale that aired in 2019. In an interview with Glamour, Barbour sweetly admitted, "I want things to keep being fun, cool, and new. But at the end of the day, it really just matters that Hannah is there."

Since they've taken luxurious trips to Paris, thrown some pretty wild parties, and bought their own house together, we think it's safe to say that Barbour and Godwin are definitely keeping things "fun, cool, and new." Let's take a look at the pair's relationship, from the beaches of Mexico to the San Diego sea.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour met on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise

Although Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour had a rocky start to "Bachelor in Paradise" while they were caught in a love triangle with Blake Horstmann, by the end of the second rose ceremony, Barbour and Godwin were solidified as one of the strongest — and most adorable — couples on the beach (via People).

Barbour explained what the experience was like to The Williams Record and said that, "I had so much fun. We'd hang out in the pool all day and goof off. We'd eat tacos, walk, drink margaritas, just talk — which was super cool — just have normal conversations, like what we wanted to do in life, our families, things like that."

Godwin also revealed in an interview with Glamour that there were a lot of "actual conversations" on the show that the viewers didn't get to see. Godwin shared, "We talked about what [Dylan] wants to do with his job, what his career plans are, what makes him, him."

Dylan Barbour revealed that he was falling in love with Hannah Godwin during BiP

With the love triangle drama out of the way, Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin were finally able to focus on their relationship. During a one-on-one date complete with a romantic dinner on "Bachelor in Paradise," Barbour sweetly revealed to Godwin that he was "starting to fall in love" with her. He shared, "I did not come to spend the summer with you, like I came for us to spend everything after it together."

From that moment on, the full focus was on the pair's relationship. Barbour and Godwin were pretty much attached at the hip and spent every moment of paradise chatting in the pool about everything from their favorite foods to real estate (via Glamour). 

In an interview with Glamour, Godwin described how she was completely smitten with Barbour during "BiP" from the second he hit the beach. Godwin shared, "You can't plan a connection. Dylan's just very friendly, very sweet, very ... just the best."

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour got engaged

Dylan Barbour proposed to Hannah Godwin during the season finale of "Bachelor in Paradise," much to the delight of Bachelor Nation fans. Barbour sweetly admitted, "I mean, this is the end of paradise, but it's just the beginning of our story," to which Godwin responded, "I truly didn't know that I could deserve somebody as great as you."

Although Barbour and Godwin were clearly in love, Godwin shared her concerns about getting engaged before her family had the opportunity to meet her potential future husband. She vulnerably explained, "I am terrified and ... really scared about being broken again" after her last relationship with Colton Underwood on "The Bachelor" (via Refinery29). As usual, Barbour always knew exactly what to say. He assured Godwin, "I know how important your family is to you and it is one of the million reasons why I love you." Barbour then promised that he was more than ready to fly to Alabama that night to meet Godwin's parents.

Godwin couldn't help but grin in response, leading Barbour to finally get down on one knee and propose to Godwin. Of course, Godwin accepted.

The two enjoyed spending time together after Bachelor in Paradise

Although Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin were living in two different cities at the time — Godwin was residing in Los Angeles and Barbour lived in San Diego — they still found plenty of time to connect after "Bachelor in Paradise” finished airing and their relationship went public (via Glamour). In an interview with Extra TV, Godwin shared, "I think we're just gonna do us for a second. It's really important that we experience like, real life stuff together, and yeah, just enjoy this moment."

One of the first "real life" experiences that Barbour and Godwin shared was taking their first vacation together (via Glamour). The couple visited Paris together in September 2019 and looked very in love and adorable as they explored the city. Godwin shared in an Instagram post with Barbour, "Jet lagged breakfast, walks in the rain, din by the eiffel tower, & now watching king kong. my kinda paris sundayyy."

They hosted a legendary engagement party in February 2020

An iconic "Bachelor in Paradise" couple deserves an iconic engagement party, and that's exactly what Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour got! The pair hosted their closest friends and family — including fellow Bachelor Nation alums Hannah Brown, Mike Johnson, Peter Weber, Demi Burnett, and more — at a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills in February 2020 to finally celebrate their engagement.

In an interview with People, Barbour shared, "I was just really excited to see our family and have Hannah meet the friends I grew up with, and then to meet the friends that Hannah grew up with." Godwin added, "It was such a fun event, and I just wanted everybody to let loose, put the phones down, be in the moment. I feel like those events are very rare, especially living out here."

With Godwin's chic House of Hadiyah white feather dress, cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, and a wine tasting from Longhouse Wines, this definitely seemed like an engagement party that you wouldn't want to miss. Godwin later confirmed how epic the event was in an Instagram post with the caption, "BEST. NIGHT. EVER. We felt sooo loved, thank you all!"

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour spent uninterrupted time together in quarantine

A few months after their whirlwind romance on "Bachelor in Paradise," Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour got to spend a lot more quality time with each other than expected when they quarantined together during the pandemic. Godwin explained to Us Weekly that she and Barbour were happy to have some much needed one-on-one time. She shared, "It's rare in our hectic lives to have so much of time together, so it's nice to focus on each other right now."

Godwin even shared with People some of the more unexpected things she learned about Barbour during their time together in quarantine. Godwin said, "Honestly, Dyl is like a stay at home dad in training. I feel like I think that might be his ultimate goal, possibly. He loves doing laundry, loves bringing me coffee. I think that side of him really surprised me."

Godwin shared more of the couple's time together in quarantine on her YouTube channel where documented their day, which was spent cooking, watching the sunset, and chatting.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour celebrated one year as a couple

Although three couples from Season 6 of "Bachelor in Paradise" got engaged, including Kristian Haggerty and Demi Burnett and Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour were the only engaged couple that lasted (via Refinery29). In an interview with Ok! Magazine, Barbour shared that their relationship has been so successful because "I think we make each other a priority always, and it doesn't really matter what is going on."

In June 2020, Godwin and Barbour celebrated their one-year anniversary and acknowledged the special day in Instagram posts for each other. Barbour captioned his photo, "Happy 1 year anniversary to me telling you how f'd you are for agreeing to marry me." Likewise, Godwin shared, "What a whirlwind. thanks for the most epic year of my life @dylanbarbour. I never knew I could be so happy, to many more!"

They put their wedding planning on pause

In October 2020, Hannah Godwin shared with Us Weekly that she and fiancé Dylan Barbour wanted to hold off on wedding planning until the pandemic slowed down. Godwin explained, "I think we are just loving being engaged and, I mean, we definitely want to make the next step and we're ready, but I don't think we're rushing into it too much for now."

Godwin also shared all of the "tea" that fans wanted to know on her YouTube channel while she baked some delicious holiday cookies in December 2020. Godwin explained, "I know Dylan's big focus is on the entertainment side and probably the food, so I'm gonna let him take that over, but design-wise I'm gonna go with it." Godwin gave a little more wedding information and shared, "I think we want to do it in California for sure, and I think we want it to be outdoors just because the weather here is pretty good, and I think something European looking, but also like minimalist would be kind of cute."

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin put down roots in San Diego

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour decided to take the next step in their relationship by purchasing a house together in November 2020 (via Bachelor Nation). The couple moved to Barbour's hometown, San Diego, and Godwin gave her subscribers a full tour of the gorgeous home in a video on her YouTube channel. Their new abode includes a spacious kitchen, a couple of sunlit bedrooms, and a backyard that they decked out with the help of The Buildsters.

Barbour shared an image of "Club Dylan" on Instagram and said, "Our backyard is done which means The Buildsters Show is officially out and I can finally announce the opening of Club Dylan. A big shout out and thank you to @thebuildsters for helping us get our dream backyard put together just in time for summer. Visit the link in my bio to watch the premier of The Buildsters Show produced by @13thhourfilms out right now!"

In her YouTube video, Godwin happily shared, "We're both so, so, so excited," as she took her camera around the space.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour celebrated their two-year anniversary in 2021

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour celebrated two years together in June 2021. In an Instagram post dedicated to Barbour, Godwin wrote in the caption, "Kinda a cool love story if ya ask me. happy 2 years @dylanbarbour, I can't wait [to] laugh every day for the rest of my life with you. [P.S.] does this mean I can officially keep the ring now?" Barbour also shared a sweet video of him and his fiancé hugging and kissing at a festival and said, "2 years," alongside a heart emoji.

Godwin even shared the pair's adorable two-year anniversary date on her YouTube channel. Barbour planned a special surprise especially for Godwin and hired a private sushi chef for a romantic dinner at their home. Godwin gushed in her video, "You did so good! I had no clue what it was gonna be," as she and Barbour sweetly kissed and cuddled.

The Bachelor stars announced a potential wedding date

The good news for fans of Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour is that they've finally announced a potential wedding date, but the bad news is ... it probably won't be until 2023.

Godwin shared with Us Weekly in September 2021, "We've been eyeing 2023 so we'll see how it goes." She added later, "For our wedding, we'd just want it to be personal, like, as close-knit as we possibly can. We want to just keep it personal and small." She noted that she believes they'll have a better time if they don't have to be constantly welcoming people who attend their big day. She noted, "It's going to be nice I think just to have everybody ... like for it to be a memory for everybody and not just like us. We want to really enjoy it."

Between the duo's multiple partnerships with brands like Rum Haven, the launch of Godwin's photo editing app Setty, promoting Dylan's company Vizer, and hopefully a little wedding planning, Godwin and Barbour have plenty of things to keep them busy until the special day finally does arrive.