The Best BFF Tattoo For Friends Who Are Complete Opposites

Tattoos are a popular and creative way for people to express themselves, and it is common to see family members, significant others, and best friends get tattoos together. Many may get matching tattoos to celebrate their bond, but what about pals who are complete opposites? Just as varying traits, interests, hobbies, and personalities bring us together with different people, so, too, can complementary works of body art.

At times, you and your BFF may not watch the same TV shows, shop at the same stores, or like the same kinds of food. So you probably would not go for the exact same tat either. But don't worry: There are plenty of special designs out there that can put your friendship on display, all while highlighting your uniqueness. From images that go together to those that look similar yet just different enough, you can explore some tattoos for you and your bestie below.

The sun and the moon represent the union of opposites

The first idea on the list is a sun and a moon. The sun represents light, day, warmth, and strength, as pointed out by Tattoo SEO, while the moon is all about darkness, night, and coolness. Despite their differences, both of these celestial bodies have an impact on the Earth and on life. They also balance each other out, just like friends do, as the union of opposites.

Once you decide on the theme of your tattoo, you can then get creative with the design. For instance, you could both get very small outline drawings of these objects. You could get big, full-color ones in the same place or opposing places (like the left shoulder and the right shoulder). You could each do a half of one and half of the other somewhere on your bodies, as well, allowing your body art to line up and go together even more.

On top of there being multiple ways to get a sun or moon inked on you, Tattoo SEO points out that the opposing symbols are always relevant. "This tattoo is timeless, and you should not have any concerns about this one going out of style," the website writes. It looks like this option it a win-win.

Fingerprint hearts show your literal differences

A very special suggestion for BFF tattoos from TattooBlend is a heart made out of fingerprints. Just as we all have those different likes, quirks, and hobbies, we all have distinct fingerprints, too. That being said, this is a creative way to celebrate the difference between two pals. And, as with any tattoo design, there can be further customizations to really make it your own.

For instance, your two thumbprints could come together to make a heart. And as Tattoo SEO points out, you can also use two fingerprints per body and angle them in a way that looks like a butterfly when the tattoos come together. Then, of course, there is the body placement, size, color, and extra designs (if those are wanted) to consider. For example, one of you may prefer short, sweet, and simple when it comes to this topic and beyond, while the other wants it big, bold, and bright.

A lock and a key prove that two friends are inseparable

Tattoo SEO also suggests a lock and a key, which is a common tattoo design to see. A person may get both objects imprinted on their body, and a couple may celebrate their love by each getting one, but this is also another idea for BFFs to consider.

As stated on the Tattoo SEO website, these two images suggest that there are secrets between a pair. "This is a great lock and key tattoo to get to show that you are the type of person that people can confide in since you will never tell their secrets no matter what type of pressure you are put under," the website suggests. They represent protection and safety, too — a feeling that is felt in a genuine friendship.

Furthermore, one is useless without the other, making them inseparable. That sounds familiar, doesn't it? You surely feel that way about your bestie, as you may complete each other and feel you could not live without one another. Therefore, this lock and key idea, or the others listed above, may be just right for you and your best friend.