You Need This Scalp Scrub Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Swears By

Let's face it — over the years, Jennifer Aniston has almost become synonymous with great hair. The "Friends" star has been giving hair inspo since forever, with some still longing for Rachel Green's perfect shaggy long bob. From "The Rachel" to long and luscious blonde extensions, Aniston just never misses the mark when it comes to hair (via Byrdie). Over the past few years, she has committed to keeping it simple with blonde medium-length hair with some highlights while switching it up occasionally with curtain bangs and some layers.

As Aniston seems to do with any look she goes for, her current style has become a staple that works perfectly for her. Alongside her healthy figure, her hair has also been looking healthy and lusciously thick. Surely a bit of that is thanks to the magic of extensions, but the star's own hair is still in amazing shape. So naturally, when her go-to hairstylist tells you his favorite product to use on her? You listen. Especially when it involves a haircare range he personally collaborated with the popular skincare brand Drunk Elephant for (via InStyle).

Chris McMillan loves using Drunk Elephant's T.L.C Happi Scalp Scrub on Jennifer Aniston

Chris McMillan has been Jennifer Aniston's trusted hair guru for the past three decades. The miracle worker that gifted us the iconic "Rachel" sat down with Vogue to give us all the deets of his favorite products to use on the "The Morning Show" star to keep her hair looking hydrated and frizz-free.

McMillan naturally prefers to use his Drunk Elephant collaboration. The Cocomino shampoo and conditioner are his go-to on a regular basis, and he pays close attention to conditioning her hair from roots to ends. As he explained to Vogue, "A lot of people worry it'll make the hair flat, but it doesn't... Conditioner is moisturizer for your hair! You should be doing the same thing to your hair as you do your skin."

When it comes to keeping Aniston's hair fresh and bouncy, McMillan swears by a weekly deep conditioning and a monthly scalp treatment. Being a celebrity naturally exposes you to constantly getting your hair done, and dealing with product buildup at the roots can be detrimental. McMillan's favorite treatment to help Aniston avoid that issue is their monthly scrub using Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub. McMillan also claims to use a "scientific brushing" technique to help get the most out of the scrub and keep Aniston's hair bouncy at all times!