How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're An Aries

The cycle of long astrology is fascinating one. You learn a lot about yourself by understanding your zodiac chart, but at the same time, you may find certain aspects of it that you don't like. You take some time to digest that information and then go back to astrology. It's a fun cycle, and while people often fall into this circle with romance, they should also be turning to it for their sex lives. Maybe, just maybe your best sex awaits in the stars.

Let's talk about Aries in this regard. There's a certain type of person Aries should marry, and there's a type of person Aries shouldn't marry. There are even certain other signs that Aries should befriend! But what about an Aries' sex life? Aries is a fire sign, after all, and someone embodying the fire element needs passion in their life.

Let's start with the basics. We know that Aries can be hot-headed at times, but they're generally optimistic (via The Times of India). They're sympathetic, kind, and inspiring, but all of these are rooted in their fire element. Because they embody fire, they're naturally passionate, which helps them connect to others and therefore support them through their optimistic feelings. An Aries' fire only turns pessimistic when they're crossed, so if you feel their flames targeted at you, it's likely your own fault. This can impact their dating life, as they don't make compromises easily. This, too, can affect their sex life.

Aries should consider their partner's wants and needs too

Aries is inherently a passionate sign, and this translates to the bedroom. In fact, they're so passionate that they like to get the job done rather quickly (via Refinery29). They don't spend ample time on foreplay or want the sex to last too long. Instead, they desire quick sex that fulfills them without wasting too much of their time. For an Aries to spice up the bedroom, then, they need to cede to the moment and feel out the connection between them and their partner rather than working toward an end goal too quickly.

Because they want their sex to be done quickly, Aries are often self-centered in the bedroom. They consider their own needs and work with their partner to achieve them, but they may not be the best at considering their partner's needs (via Bustle). Therefore, in addition to living in the moment, Aries need to begin considering their partner's wants and needs, even prioritizing them. Doing this will help them implement them more naturally into their routines.

Finally, when considering their partner, an Aries should let them make the first move. Aries typically always make the first move because they know what they want, but sometimes their partners want to feel that excitement, too. Giving this to them from time to time will help keep the spark between you two alive.