Flower Tattoo Ideas That Haven't Been Overdone

We love flower tattoos — but then again, doesn't everyone? The beauty of a flower tattoo is that each flower carries its own symbolic meaning, and the color of your flower tattoo can even change its message. Therefore, there's truly a flower tattoo for everyone. Where a sunflower tattoo may mean something cheery, a lily tattoo can mean something entirely different. The meaning of a black rose tattoo is something entirely different, too.

According to Hola!, the most powerful flowers that people get tattooed include roses, lotus flowers, sunflowers, peonies, and poppies, all of which mean something different from the rest. The only issue with popular flowers is that they're overdone. Do you want to share the same tattoo or flower with thousands of other people? There's nothing wrong with it if you do, but some people want to be as unique as possible. That's why we're here to break down which flower tattoo ideas haven't been done to death.

This flower shares its name with a food (and it makes a great tattoo)

If you're aiming to get a flower tattoo but want to avoid cliches, look no further than the ambrosia flower. According to Inked, the word ambrosia comes from Greece, and it symbolizes reciprocated love. Because of this, it's great for the hopeless romantic if they want to "speak" this love into existence or for someone in a happy, committed relationship.

Moreover, the ambrosia flower is actually an umbrella genus for about 50 species of flowers, per Petal Republic. They even explain that ambrosia flowers are "distantly related" to daisies, making them a fun flower to tattoo if you want something like a daisy but more unique than the traditional daisy. Furthermore, ambrosia flowers grow in a number of colors, so you could opt for a colored tattoo instead of a black and white one and still have many options to choose from.

If love is in the air — or you're simply obsessed with the idea of love — this tattoo is the one for you.

Could this flower tattoo protect you from misfortunes?

Perhaps you want a flower with a different shape than the traditional rose or daisy, but what is there to offer out there? Well, according to Tattoo List, you're in luck, because the foxglove flower is shaped uniquely and makes a beautiful tattoo. Multiple foxgloves grow on the same stem, and each foxglove is elongated in shape with a large, mouth-like opening at the end. This flower is perfect as a tattoo for anyone who wants a floral piece that inherently includes multiple flowers.

According to Tattoo List, foxgloves possess both positive and negative meanings. On the brighter side, they're said to "cure past ills," so perhaps having this tattooed on your body will act as a protector. However, they're also said to be harbingers of infidelity, which is something no one wants to carry with them. This is according to folklore, though, and as we know, folklore isn't always true. Still, the "protector" meaning is enough for us to look into getting one.

This flower and plant symbolize perseverance through anything

One of the best tattoos you can get if you want one that hasn't been overdone is a tricky one because it's more of a plant than a flower, but it grows flowers. Naturally, we're talking about cacti, one of the cutest tattoo designs you could get. According to Inked, cacti symbolize perseverance because of their living conditions in arid climates. They live through harsh heat waves and little to no rain, and if you carry this energy with you in a tattoo, you'll always be able to push onward despite any droughts you face in life.

Moreover, Native Americans even believed cacti to symbolize warmth, motherly love, and protection (via Succulent City). This is for the same reason that they represent perseverance. Because they can survive through most conditions, they represent a mother who will love and take care of her child through anything. Because of this, cactus tattoos are excellent for proud mothers, or anyone who's a caretaker and proud of it. Mothers persevere in this life more than anyone, so they can wear this floral tattoo especially proudly.

This flower is small, making it perfect if you want a small tattoo

While perseverance and cacti are both wonderful things, sometimes we need something a little softer, a little more delicate. This is where baby's breath flowers come in. According to Tattoo List, baby's breath flowers are soft and small, just like their name suggests. They're white and pure and, like babies, are simply trying to survive in the world. Symbolically, they represent joy and the purest of loves. However, they also represent lost loved ones and can be turned into a tattoo as a tribute to them.

Design-wise, baby's breath flowers are nice, too, because they're so small. They grow in little clusters of flowers and are smaller than even foxgloves, which can be as big as roses despite growing closely together too. A cluster of baby's breath can be polka-dotted anywhere you want on your body to carry special remembrance of someone, or you can get one for its joyful connotations. In any case, baby's breath isn't overdone, and it's worth investing in.

This flower has a legendary meaning — and name origin

Finally, if you want a flower tattoo that is not only rarely done but which is also vibrantly colorful, look no further than Queen Anne's lace. According to Inked, the legend surrounding Queen Anne's lace details Queen Anne herself accepting a challenge in which she was to stitch together a lace that perfectly resembled a flower. While stitching, she pricked a finger, which caused blood to dribble into her lace, creating the red-purple hues that we associate with Queen Anne's lace flowers today.

These flowers resemble burning sunsets in color and symbolize labors of love, per Inked, because of Queen Anne's labor to create a perfect flower out of lace. Therefore, this flower is perfect for couples who have gone through challenges together or anyone who knows what it's like to handle true, unfiltered love. This kind of love isn't always easy, but it's usually worth it.

So, which flower tattoo do you want to get?