Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

We knew from the first episode that "Sweet Life: Los Angeles" is not like other reality TV shows. What other series has the stars do trap yoga on the first day of filming? And what other show proudly offers a window into the thriving Black community in Los Angeles?

If you haven't tuned in yet on HBO Max, the series comes from the minds of Issa Rae and her creative team. "This idea came to my team and we discussed it," Rae told Entertainment Weekly. "And just as an avid reality fan, I was like, 'Oh, I want to do this. I want to do my version of [MTV's] 'The Hills' meets [BET's] 'Baldwin Hills.' I want to do 'Baldwin Hills' with 'The Hills' production quality and set it in South L.A. with an older group of people."

Rae, who is an executive producer on the show, certainly made the idea come to life. "Sweet Life: Los Angeles" follows a group of successful, Black twenty-somethings navigating life in Los Angeles, via Decider. The drama feels somewhat minor in the first episode, but picks up more as the season goes on. Will a second season follow the same trajectory?

Release date for Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2

As of October 26, HBO Max has not yet announced a release date for "Sweet Life: Los Angeles" Season 2, per Distractify. That means the show has yet to be renewed. However, a season 2 isn't out of the question. The show brought in many positive reviews and a lot of enthusiasm from fans. "Season 2 please!!" one user wrote on Instagram. "We need season 2 ASAP," another added.

In addition, it's still a little too early to get worried about a release date. The show's final episode, "The Group Chat," aired on September 16, 2021 according to Apple TV. It may therefore be quite some time before a season 2 airs. Still, lingering resentments and dramas bubbled up in this last episode, indicating that things aren't resolved. The show creators may have been setting the stars up for a second season.

Another factor slowing down season 2 is Issa Rae's busy schedule. As noted by IMDb, the 36-year-old is currently working on the TV shows "Fledgling," "Rap S***," "Seen & Heard," and "Project Greenlight Revival" as a producer. As an actor, she is currently filming "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2."

Who will be in the cast of Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2?

Since "Sweet Life: Los Angeles" has yet to be renewed, it's not likely that the showrunners have begun casting season 2. Plus, the casting process could take some time. It is unclear whether the stars from season 1 will return.

Despite this, viewers predict that at least some members of the season 1 cast will return. Most or all of them became fan favorites, after all. That includes fashion designer and artist Cheryl Des Vignes, entertainment marketing specialist Jerrold Smith II, PR specialist Amanda Scott (who coined the phrase "buy Black the block," and Jordan Bentley, the founder and CEO of the streetwear brand Hypland (per Cosmopolitan).

Nonetheless, it wouldn't be surprising if the casting directors decided to add a few newcomers to the season 1 cast. New stars would add new plot lines, dramas, and love interests to the mix. That's everything the show's creators could hope for, right? Boosting the drama is especially important, because several critics said the series needed more drama to keep things interesting (via Decider).

New details about Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2

Given that the show comes from her mind and her team, Issa Rae will likely still be the executive producer for "Sweet Life: Los Angeles" season 2. The actor is certainly the reason the show garnered interest in its youthful stages. So, we can expect the actor and producer to remain as a central background figure for the series.

Beyond that, not much else is known about the next season (per Distractify). If the showrunners are looking to really change things up, they may consider filming in a different city. And if they choose to do that, the filming location possibilities are endless. The cast and crew may end up in any thriving city, from Atlanta, Georgia to Seattle, Washington. That would mean that the original cast probably wouldn't return for the second season. So, the show creators would have to weigh the pros and cons of that decision.

While a lot is still unknown about season 2, we can certainly expect the show creators and cast members to highlight Black excellence, no matter the setting. But we certainly hope to see those fan-favorite stars again.