Did The Queen Really Have To Give Up This Pastime?

Queen Elizabeth has a great love for horses and all things included. The monarch has made no secret about her enthusiasm for riding horses and watching them race, per Evening Standard. In fact, Vanity Fair previously reported that Elizabeth had been spending plenty of time with her horses while in quarantine with her late husband, Prince Philip, in 2020. "She is riding out every day and is making the most of this time," a source told the magazine.

Express noted that the queen's great-grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, have also shown interest in horseback riding and that Prince William and Kate Middleton's three little ones are following in the footsteps of the monarch by learning to ride ponies. Of course, William also enjoys riding horses, and sources told the outlet that the Duke of Cambridge is "thrilled" that his own children are enjoying the same pastime that he did when he was a child.

However, Elizabeth has recently been suffering some health concerns that have forced her to change her life, and unfortunately, she's also had to give up some activities that she loves.

Will the queen ever enjoy horseback riding again?

The Sun reported that Queen Elizabeth, 95 as of publication, hasn't ridden a horse since her trip to Scotland over the summer. Sources told the outlet that Elizabeth was experiencing some pain associated with horseback riding and was told to take it easy when it came to galloping around on her beloved animals. "She was in quite a bit of discomfort. She adores riding and it has been part of her ritual for most of her life. She has been extremely disappointed not to go riding since the beginning of September," a Balmoral source shared. 

Although Elizabeth was told to slow down, the insider said that she refuses to give up riding and plans to get back on a horse after a period of rest and relaxation. Meanwhile, the queen is also dealing with some other health issues, which sent her to the hospital in October 2021, per BBC. Elizabeth was taken to King Edward VII's Hospital where she was examined by specialists. She was later admitted and spent one night at the facility before returning home the following afternoon. Since that time, doctors have advised the monarch to rest, which prompted her to cancel a planned trip to Northern Ireland.

The Daily Mail reported that the queen will now re-arrange her schedule so that she can be present at the most important events. In addition, she'll be accompanied by another member of the royal family while attending events. Fans are now hoping that the queen can get back to a normal routine in the near future.