Why Lindsay Arnold Is Facing Backlash From DWTS Fans

Lindsay Arnold is best known for her work  on the ABC hit competition series "Dancing With the Stars." The 27-year-old joined the show in Season 16 and won the Mirrorball trophy with celebrity partner Jordan Fisher on Season 25, when the pair made history for the most perfect scores (via Meaww). Since joining the show, she's grown a fanbase of her own. Her Instagram account currently has 1 million followers, and she even runs a successful YouTube channel with her sisters.

The Arnold Sisters channel has 130,000 subscribers and over 21 million views. The four sisters often create lifestyle content about milestones in their lives and their careers, as well as fashion and fitness tips. Though their videos often receive a lot of love in the comments section, a recent upload is stirring some backlash.

On October 23, 2021, the Arnold sisters uploaded a YouTube vlog about taking a trip to L.A., where they documented adventures in the City of Angels. While the video is filled with lots of laughs and lighthearted fun, many viewers took issue with one particular part.

Lindsay Arnold's YouTube video annoyed some viewers

In the "Arnold Sisters Take LA!" vlog, the sisters take a trip to a restaurant along with "Dancing With the Stars" pro Lindsay Arnold's daughter Sage (via Heavy). In the YouTube clip, the young child can be seen dropping a noodle on the floor. She's then given another noodle to play with and instructed not to let go of it. While the ladies loved watching Sage having fun, eagle-eyed viewers spotted multiple noodles on the floor behind their table. Many critics felt this was very disrespectful to the workers at the restaurant and called Arnold out. One person even created a Reddit post titled, "Love Lindsay, but a part of her new YouTube video annoyed me today."

After explaining the noodle situation, she wrote, "People are trying to have a nice meal and waiters are moving around doing their job. Why are you actively encouraging your kid to throw food on the floor?" One person replied to this, "As someone who paid my dues in the food industry when I was younger, I find this kind of thing so annoying, too. It's inconsiderate to the staff and it is reinforcing that behavior." Another person wrote, "Horrible behavior ... People that enable those behaviors in their kids are just raising inconsiderate brats imo," and yet another commented, "The least she could've done is picked it up and put it in a napkin or something." Though it's abundantly clear people were upset with Arnold, the "DWTS" pro has yet to comment on the matter.