Royal Doctors Issue This Official Advice After The Queen's Hospital Stay

According to an official statement from Buckingham Palace on Friday, October 29, Queen Elizabeth II has been advised by doctors to rest for at least the next two weeks (via People). This update comes after news that the queen allegedly spent a night in the hospital nearly a week ago. However, sources say that her time in the hospital was merely for "preliminary investigations." She was said to have returned to Windsor Castle "in good spirits," and sources further cleared up speculations that her medical advice to rest has anything to do with COVID-19 (via CNN).

The 95-year-old queen has remained quite healthy throughout her lifetime, managing to avoid virtually any serious diagnosis or disease. That being said, it's hard to know exactly the state of her health — or the health of anyone in the royal family, for that matter — as experts say that royal family members are strongly discouraged from publicly discussing their well-being (via ABC News).

The queen may not be well enough to attend this event

In a statement from Buckingham Palace, while Her Majesty will be focusing on resting for the next two weeks, she has been given the okay to participate in "light, desk-based duties during this time, including some virtual audiences, but not to undertake any official visits" (via The Daily Mail).

This prognosis comes at an unfortunate time for the queen, as Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 14, an event that royals — and most certainly the queen — have historically attended. Indeed, according to The Royal Family website, Her Majesty is expected to lead Remembrance Day by taking time to remember those who have died in world wars and conflicts. People across the UK and the world will then participate in a moment of two minutes of silence. While a source says that the queen will be unable to attend the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday, November 13, she is allegedly quite determined to be present for the National Service of Remembrance on Remembrance Sunday, the 14 (via CNN).

Furthermore, while Buckingham Palace confirmed that she will not attend the upcoming COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, since she has been given the okay to undertake light activities, it is predicted that she will be well enough to participate in the event virtually (via CBS News).