Alec Baldwin Addresses Fatal On-Set Shooting During Roadside Interview

As the investigation into the fatal on-set shooting involving Alec Baldwin continues, key players in the tragedy have begun to come forward with their accounts. The lead armorer (gun supervisor), Hannah Gutierrez Reed, released a statement through her attorneys stating that the guns used in the film were locked up during lunch breaks and after hours, and she does not know how a live round made it into a chamber of the firearm Baldwin used (via CNN). The assistant director, David Halls, also admitted that he didn't check all the rounds on the gun before declaring it "cold" and giving it to Baldwin, via NBC

Until now, the only comment Baldwin himself has made on the subject is a post he put up on social media the day after the incident, expressing his "shock and sadness" and vowing his support to the grieving family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But, in a recent encounter with the press, the actor offered further thoughts on the matter.

Baldwin, his wife Hilaria, and their children have been seeking some peace and quiet in Vermont since the horrific accident. But the paparazzi quickly caught up with them, following the family on a quiet country road. Apparently Baldwin stopped his car and got out to address the group of photographers. TMZ posted a video of the encounter. Accusing the group of upsetting his children, Baldwin said he was willing to answer some questions "as a courtesy" to stop the harassment. Here's what he said.

Hilaria Baldwin had a sharp comeback for the press

Dressed casually in a plaid shirt and fall jacket, Alec Baldwin addressed the group of photographers by explaining that he was legally banned from discussing the shooting itself. He went on to describe Halyna Hutchins as "a friend," adding that he had treated her and director Joel Souza to dinner on the first day of shooting. "We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together, and then this horrible event happened," he said.

Hilaria Baldwin was with her husband and using her phone to film the encounter. At one point, a reporter began asking, "You met with the — I forget her name — you met with her family —" Hilaria snapped back, "Halyna! Her name is Halyna. If you're spending this much time waiting for us, you should know her name." 

Calling the shooting accident "a one in a trillion episode," Alec said that he was "eagerly awaiting" the results of the Santa Fe Sheriff's Department investigation and that he has been cooperating with law enforcement as they pursue the case. The "Rust" star also suggested that the film industry should pursue alternatives to using real firearms and live ammunition going forward. When asked whether he thought production would be continuing on "Rust," Alec bluntly said, "No, I don't." Does he have other projects in the works? "That's irrelevant." He also declined to answer why he took his family to Vermont. Alec ended the impromptu roadside press conference by asking the paparazzi to stop following his family. Hilaria put it more bluntly: "Go home. Just go home."