The Most Illegal Things The NCIS Team Has Ever Done

With "NCIS" running as long as it has — since 2003 in fact, per Deadline — it's no surprise that some episodes have fans questioning the morals of their favorite characters. For a show whose plot is about a federal agency that prevents serious crimes including terrorism, the top dogs running said agency commit some not-so-legal acts.

In fact, the agency's commander, ​​Leroy Jethro Gibbs has committed some very horrible acts, according to Screen Rant. In Gibbs' perspective, the ends are supposed to justify the means. However, murdering a drug dealer even though you're a federal agent can't be justified, the outlet added. Yes, we understand that the man was in grief and the drug dealer murdered his wife and child, but come on. Being judge, jury, and executioner isn't the way to go, especially when Gibbs has the means to ensure the drug dealer goes to prison.

Read on to learn more about how Gibbs and his other team members are not always the good guys "NCIS" makes them out to be.

What characters Timothy McGee, Abby Sciuto, and more have done on NCIS

Not every "NCIS" character has a squeaky clean image. According to Outsider, there is a Reddit forum which reveals the misdeeds of every "NCIS" character. Even though Gibbs still ranks No.1, Timothy McGee and Abby Sciuto come in at a close second. Both characters have hacked into the CIA and the Pentagon to view classified information, the outlet revealed. While their intent was to save lives, which they did in the long run, they still committed a crime. Sciuto also wasn't even an agent at the time, so she definitely should have served some jail time.

Let's not forget to talk about fan-favorite Ziva David. Sure, she's resourceful, speaks countless languages, and is a cunning agent (via CBS). However, she once faked her death, which is illegal. Of course, the reason why she did it was to protect her family, per Distractify, but the outlet added that her decision left repercussions on her husband and child.

In the end, every "NCIS" character is human, which means you make mistakes —even illegal ones. So, while Gibbs and his team may not be perfect, we can still love them as they are.