Couples Tattoos You May Not Regret After A Breakup

Tattoos are an art form, and they're growing increasingly popular. They've been around forever, but it seems that people are getting more and more body art, which is both fun and a brilliant way to express oneself. The downside? They're somewhat permanent, so you have to be careful with what you get tattooed on your body. 

Still, they're a worthwhile investment that can instill meanings directly into your skin. Getting a lily tattoo could mean something beautiful, for example, and there's no doubt that a star tattoo symbolizes something out of this world. A semicolon tattoo also has a very specific meaning.

No matter what kind of tattoo you get, it's smart to research and understand its meaning before you head to your local tattoo parlor. The same applies to couples tattoos, especially because some come to regret their matching tattoos if they break up or get divorced. 

Have no fear, though. There are many couples tattoos that are perfect even if the relationship comes to an end.

These tattoos will make you happy even if you break up

If you want to get a tattoo with your partner but don't want to regret it if your relationship goes south in the future, why not get the chemical compounds for serotonin and dopamine? According to All Day Tattoo, these are perfect couples tattoos because they represent happiness, therefore embedding happiness right into your skin. Moreover, you won't regret this tattoo because happiness isn't inherently connected to relationships. If you break up, the tattoo could symbolize your happiness in yourself and/or the happiness you're fostering in your healing.

These tattoos are night and day yet unified

If you want something even more personal, the two of you could get tattoos of individual moon phases. According to Bustle, the phases represent unity in many Native American beliefs, and, if you get tattoos of two different moon phases, they'll be different enough that you can maintain your own individuality and not worry if you break up. The symbolism of unity will mean you're connecting with yourself instead of someone else, and you'll still have a beautiful moon on your body.

This tattoo will be forever, literally

If you want to get the exact same tattoo, your best bet may be an infinity sign (via Metro). Known as the lemniscate, this tattoo of the infinity sign symbolizes timelessness and everlasting love, but, even if you break up, you'll have yourself forever and can transition the tattoo in your head to be one of self-love, self-empowerment, and self-growth. While in your relationship, though, relish in the idea that your love is forever, just as time will always continue to flow. Never forget, too, the importance of the self.

These tattoos are perfect for the married couple

Keeping in this train of thought, why not get "Mr." and "Mrs." tattoos? According to All Day Tattoo, this pair of tattoos is perfect for married or otherwise serious couples to showcase the level of their commitment. It's a statement of unity and exclusivity, but, even if you break up, this tattoo simply showcases your dedication as a partner. Plus, a man having a "Mr." or a woman having a "Mrs." on her after a breakup is nothing to scoff at. If anything, it's a statement that you know how to love and that you know your own worth.

So, which couples tattoos are you interested in?