BIP: What Noah Erb Has To Say About Those Dale And Abigail Rumors

"Bachelor in Paradise" viewers watched Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer begin dating on the show over the summer fo 2021. Fans saw the adorable pair get close and quickly become one of the strongest couples on the beach. However, it was revealed that there was definitely trouble in paradise for Noah and Abigail. The pair began to show signs of cracks in their foundation when they seemingly had trouble communicating their feelings to one another. The relationship ended on the eve of the last night in "Paradise" with a tearful and dramatic breakup. The pair went their separate ways and left the beach on their own (via E! News).

However, shortly after the "Bachelor in Paradise" season finale, Noah and Abigail revealed that they had quickly realized their mistake and had reconnected shortly after leaving the reality television dating series. They are now back together as of publication. In fact, they're so in love that Noah recently crashed his car into his house while he was busy kissing Abigail. "Turns out I never put the car in park and I rolled right through my grass and hit my house," Noah explained. "Genuinely, small little kiss turned into me hitting my house. It's absurd. But here I am, letting all things go to shambles for a little bit of love," he admitted.

However, the couple may be facing another trial as rumors about Abigail hooking up with former "Bachelorette" star Dale Moss have surfaced online, per Screen Rant.

Noah doesn't seem worried about the rumors

Fans began to speculate that Dale Moss may have hooked up with Abigail Heringer before "Bachelor in Paradise" when a celebrity Instagram account claimed a former "Bachelorette" winner was hooking up with a current "Bachelor in Paradise" cast member while on a break from their fiancée (via Yahoo!). Since Dale and his fiancée, Clare Moss, were on and off at the time, he seemed to be an easy reveal. Meanwhile, the rumors claimed that the "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant had a "good girl" image, which appeared to point to Abigail. For her part, Clare added fuel to the fire when she confirmed her split from Dale on social media and even tagged Abigail in the post.

Meanwhile, Noah Erb also took to social media to speak cryptically about the rumors in October 2021. "So, I just checked my phone and I saw some DMs and some spoiler accounts and a lot of interesting stuff swirling around. Huh," Noah said on his Instagram story, while another person could be heard laughing off camera (via Us Weekly). "A lot of interesting stuff swirling around ... It must be spooky season [ghost emoji]," he captioned the video.

It seems that Noah isn't worried about his relationship with Abigail, nor the rumors that she may have been intimate with Dale. Of course, fans are rooting for Noah and Abigail following in their post-"Paradise" relationship.