Mary-Kate Olsen's Strawberry Blonde Hair That Fans Envy

One of the quickest ways to switch up your look is to change your hair color. Many of us are inspired by the bright rays of summer and quickly book appointments to add in some fresh blonde highlights. During the chilly winter days, we find ourselves cozying up to darker shades. 

If your hair color isn't inspired by the season, you may be matching your hue to your mood. Or perhaps you're one of many who are inspired by celebrities' hair colors. And the celebrity we have our eye on at the moment is Mary-Kate Olsen.

We've been ogling Mary-Kate and her twin Ashley's epically imperfect bedhead waves since the turn of the century. The two have acted and established a respected fashion brand, The Row. And, of course, they've wowed onlookers on the streets of New York with their understated but chic ensembles, all the while sporting their signature blonde and strawberry blonde waves.

Fans have envied Mary-Kate's hair since she went darker than her sister

We adore both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's hair colors. But right now, Mary-Kate's strawberry blonde hue is having a sweet moment. Some may credit this to actor Kristen Stewart's head-turning strawberry locks, which she debuted at the Venice Film Festival (via Vogue). Or perhaps we should thank Blake Lively for her shimmering strawberry blonde tresses ala the "Gossip Girl" era. But our love for this in-between hair shade likely began when Mary-Kate distinguished herself from her sister and went semi-redhead back in 2004 (per W).

"They are so focused on fashion and designing that a lot of times, their hair takes almost a backseat," the twins' go-to hairstylist, Mark Townsend, said to HelloGiggles in 2017. "They never want to look like they've been too done up."

Mary-Kate may not be too focused on her hair color. But until we can afford the entire Fall/Winter line from The Row, we're going to consider making the switch to her signature strawberry blonde hue.