The Chicago Fire Actors Who Have Formed A Biker Gang

The cast of "Chicago Fire" goes through the ringer while saving the metaphorical day in the OneChicago universe. They've been at it for a while now, too. In October, the show — which is now in its 10th season and premiered nearly a decade ago in 2012 — marked its 200th episode, per ET Online.

After spending so much time together, the actors are obviously quite close. While some people may not like hanging out with their coworkers outside of work, that doesn't seem to be the case for the show's cast and crew. Jesse Spencer, who played Matthew Casey and starred on the show for 200 episodes before departing, described the team as "a great cast" in an emotional interview about his departure. "I couldn't have asked for anything more," he said to Forbes in October.

While the actors engage in activities that are sure to get their blood pumping on the show, it turns out that some of the cast enjoys an adrenaline rush off-screen, too. For instance, fans may be surprised to learn that a couple of cast members have even created a private "biker gang." Read on to learn exactly which stars of the show have been prowling the streets of Chicago hidden underneath biker gear.

Eamonn Walker, Taylor Kinney and Monica Raymund formed a mini biker gang

The cast of "Chicago Fire" dealt with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident during the seventh season (per IMDb). The scripted wreck didn't put them off riding themselves, though. As it turns out, Taylor Kinney (Lieutenant Kelly Severide), Eamonn Walker (Chief Wallace Boden), and Monica Raymund (formerly Gabby Dawson) are avid motorcycle fans and riders.

In a 2014 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Walker shared that he and Kinney loved to ride around Chicago. They also found a way to avoid being spotted by fans. "As often as I can, I put my helmet on so nobody knows it's me, and I ride about the city," Walker revealed. He added that Raymund bought a bike and joined their group. "We've got our own little biker gang," the actor teased. Raymund — who departed the show before seventh season — said that the gang was still riding together as of 2016 (per Inside Ottawa Valley).

There's no word on if they're still exploring Chicago and the rest of the Midwest on the back of their bikes in 2021. However, Kinney has shared quite a bit about his life-long love of motorcycles. "My grandfather had motorcycles, and I remember going for a ride," he told Today in 2013. "Then after that I was hooked." That same year, he took part in a memorial motorcycle ride to pay tribute to a former police chief in New Holland (per Lancaster Online).