This Is The Real Meaning Behind Eos Lip Balm Name

You've likely seen that little round lip balm container everywhere from the drugstore aisles to the bottom of your purse. Heck, according to Digiday, it was even featured in a Miley Cyrus music video. The little beauty ball took over the scene with its unique shape and fun designs, but the name that you've seen everywhere has a meaning that you might not even realize. Believe it or not, the name eos is actually an acronym. Once you realize what eos stands for, you'll never quite look at it the same.

Okay, let's not hold back any longer. According to Today, eos actually stands for "evolution of smooth." The full name can actually be seen on some of the packaging and it's even the name of the brand's website. It's kind of shocking that we all didn't find this out earlier. Considering that this product is a literal ball of product made for smooth lips, the acronym couldn't be any better.

The eos lip balm was created to engage all five senses

Just looking at the product, the acronym "evolution of smooth" makes a whole lot of sense. Not only is the brand's most iconic product round and made to make your lips, well, smooth, but it also has a smooth packaging as well. In fact, it turns out there's a whole lot about eos that customers are just now realizing. On top of the brand being an acronym for "evolution of smooth," it has also created their products to engage all five senses (via Fast Company).

The publication states that the company put thought into everything from the "soft round packaging that felt good in the hands, to the colors of the orbs, to the smells, to the way the flavors tasted, and even to the clicking sound the sphere makes when it closes." That's dedication, people. 

Oh, and they take the whole "evolution of smooth" thing further than just the lip balm. The brand also sells dry lip treatment, body lotion, and even shave cream. That's some serious commitment to smoothness. 

The slogan is a bit ironic

It's worth mentioning the ironic nature of the brand's acronym as well. While eos has been fully committed to the smoothness, they did find themselves in a lawsuit for the exact opposite reason. According to Glamour, a customer filed a lawsuit against eos after her lips cracked and bled from using the product. Let's just say that it wasn't exactly an ideal part of this customer's evolution of smoothness. The brand ended up settling out of court, according to Us Magazine, and didn't have to change its ingredients at all.

All in all, eos has definitely committed to their name. Their more traditionally known name of "eos" definitely flies off the tongue better, but knowing the brand's full name makes all of their products and packaging make total sense. As Today mentions, there are plenty of brand names with acronyms out there, but none commit to their products quite like eos does.