Fans Are Cracking Up About Joe Biden And Camilla Parker Bowles. Here's Why

President Joe Biden was left red-faced when reports circulated that he had noticeably nodded off during a speech at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland. As the Independent reported, social media lit up after a Washington Post journalist shared a video supposedly of President Biden fast asleep during the opening sessions of the event. 

While a speaker passionately discussed how the gathered world leaders had the "power to make decisions and reach agreements which will affect the lives of generations to come," President Biden closed his eyes for around 20 seconds total. An aide was then seen approaching President Biden to rouse him, after which he turned his head and continued listening accordingly. 

The current occupier of the White House is the oldest person in history to do so, with President Biden turning 79 very shortly. His seeming indiscretion at COP26 resulted in accusations being made, once again, that he's unfit to hold the office of president, which is something that predecessor Donald Trump argued consistently throughout the 2020 campaign. 

However, as it happens, President Biden may have even more reason to feel embarrassed about his behavior at the event.

The Duchess of Cornwall cracked up over President Biden's indiscretion

According to the Daily Mail, none other than Camilla Parker-Bowles has been reminiscing about how President Joe Biden allegedly passed gas while they were chatting at the COP26 summit. "It was long and loud and impossible to ignore," an insider said. "Camilla hasn't stopped talking about it." 

President Biden and Parker-Bowles crossed paths during a glitzy reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Her husband, Prince Charles, was also in attendance, alongside Prince William and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who praised President Biden as a "big breath of fresh air" on climate change. 

The president actually has a bit of a reputation for breaking wind at inopportune moments, however. Back in May 2020, a livestream clip did the rounds on Twitter featuring President Biden in conversation with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, during which a suspicious noise could be heard. Another video, shared just last month, briefly trended on Twitter under the hashtag #Fartgate but was revealed as a falsification. 

As the Independent notes, President Biden had a strong showing at COP26 as he fought to distance himself from Donald Trump, who infamously removed the U.S. from the Paris agreement. Although President Biden has already promised to cut the country's carbon emissions in half by 2030, he also detailed a plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 at the conference. 

The president's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill finally passed on Nov. 5, 2021, with Biden acknowledging its "historic and significant strides that take on the climate crisis."