Why Donald Trump's Former Boast Of Being A Great Baseball Player Has Twitter In Stitches

Donald Trump has boasted about many different things over the years, from there never having been a president like him to, um, having a "gorgeous chest" (via the South China Morning Post). The former president once even bragged that, although apologizing is great for other people, it's not really for him. According to CBS News, during a 2015 appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Trump reasoned, "I think apologizing's a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I'm ever wrong."

The former reality star's response to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic was largely based on inaccuracies. But, when he fell victim to the deadly virus himself, Trump somehow managed to turn even that around to make himself look good. The Independent noted, immediately after coming out of hospital, Trump hopped on a call with Fox Business to brag, "I'm back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I'm extremely young, and so I am lucky in that way." Elsewhere, the former president claimed he's a killer baseball player. Like most of the stuff he says, however, that turned out not to be true. 

Donald Trump's aim is slightly off

A video, shared to TikTok, showcases how former president Donald Trump's skills as a baseball player leave a lot to be desired. The short clip shows a young man throwing a baseball up to Trump, who's sitting above him in a box, to get it signed and chucked back. Unfortunately, after scrawling his signature on the ball, the "Apprentice" star throws it down and hits another child right in the head. Thankfully, TMZ confirmed the boy in question wasn't injured. At least the baseball will be a great keepsake from the event but, if the boy in question chooses to sell it, TMZ Sports reckons he could get between $2,000 and $3,000 for it, as of their 2020 calculations.

As you might have guessed, Twitter had a lot to say about Trump's throw from the box he was sitting in down into the audience — after all, he did hit a kid on the head with a baseball. "There's a real 'you're all peasants' vibe," one spectator tweeted in response to the video. Another wrote in satire, "A lot of people said 'sir we've never seen such a perfect throw' as they wiped away their tears of joy at having seen such perfection." And yet another sarcastically alluded to Trump's previous claims that he was a star baseball player back in the day, writing, "He was the best baseball player in NY at one time."