Is Meghan McCain Making A Return To TV?

Whether you loved her or hated her, you have to admit that Meghan McCain was good television. During her stint on "The View," the program maintained the most views for a daytime talk show with roughly 2.7 million viewers per episode (via The Wrap). While other talk shows saw ratings begin to go down, "The View" stayed consistent during McCain's four seasons. The drama that followed her might have helped keep views coming in.

While it seems "The View" benefitted from having McCain on their cast, the television personality, and daughter of former presidential candidate and senator John McCain also experienced relevancy from her role on the talk show panel. According to AZ Central, McCain left the show and went on to produce a Lifetime movie.

McCain's time on "The View" may be over, but it doesn't seem like she's ready to give up cable television. Now, it seems she may be returning to a talk show position on another network.

Will McCain return to Fox News?

According to Radar, the former "The View" panelist may claim she is in no rush to return to network television, but insiders close to the star tell a different story. It seems that McCain is negotiating a return to television, this time as a Fox News anchor. It's only been three months since she stepped away from "The View," but it would appear she can't stay away from the talk show world.

The insider told Radar, "TV is a drug. Once you have been on a daily show it is almost impossible to walk away. Most people that have left 'The View' have tried to return to TV on different shows and networks, however, almost all of them fail — except Meghan who has been welcomed back with open arms by Fox News."

The Daily Beast ran an article back in July that stated McCain would likely not be interested in returning to Fox News. However, a spokesperson for the network told the outlet, "Meghan McCain is a star and we are always interested in exceptional talent." It appears that the ball is in McCain's court. If she wants to return to television on Fox News, they would like to have her!