How To Be A Cowboy Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

Prior to appearing on his own reality television show, Dale Brisby had become a social media icon of sorts, growing a steady fan base as a champion rodeo competitor and owner of Radiator Ranch in West Texas. As Decider reported, Brisby found quite a bit of early success from his "Rodeo Time" YouTube series. At one point, Brisby's modern cowboy persona became so beloved by fans that he began receiving thousands of requests for internships at his West Texas ranch. Thus, the "How to Be a Cowboy" Netflix special was born.

On the Netflix reality television show, which premiered in September, fans get a glimpse of how the modern-day cowboy relates and differs from the stereotypical John Wayne cowboy archetype. In staying in line with how the public perceives cowboys, "How to Be a Cowboy" features snippets of the ranch employees herding cattle and training for professional rodeo competitions. However, unlike other cowboys, Brisby, who shells out random advice to help ordinary people become cowboys (hence the show's title), is a bit more showy and self-absorbed than the average cowboy, as a review by the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out.

Any perceived arrogance aside, "How to Be a Cowboy" has become a staple on Netflix for its honest portrayal of the modern-day cowboy. So, is there a chance for a Season 2?

When is the premiere of the show's 2nd season?

So far, Netflix has yet to announce the fate of "How to Be a Cowboy." Given the fact that the 1st season of the show was only just released in September, it makes sense that it would take the production team (which includes the show's main character, Dale Brisby) at least a few months to film and produce the 2nd season of the show. The Cinemaholic estimates that the 2nd season of "How to Be a Cowboy" will be released at some point in the late summer of 2022.

Before sitting down to watch the Season 1 of the show, it's important to understand one thing: Dale Brisby is not a real person. While components of his character are real (he is a rancher and rodeo fixture), Brisby is not his real name. According to Texas Monthly, Dale Brisby is really Clint Hopping, a "moderately successful bullfighter and bronc rider," while his real-life brother, Leroy, is really Tate Hopping, a fellow bullfighter and Texas rodeo fixture. It appears as though Dale Brisby is just Hopping's alter ego of sorts. Alter egos aside, though, the cast of characters on the show are still born-and-raised cowboys.

Can't get enough of the modern-day cowboy vibes? No problem. Hopping and his charming clan of cowboys (and cowgirls) have plenty of more content to offer their fans on Hopping's Instagram page, Tik Tok, and YouTube channel.

Who will appear in the 2nd season of the show?

Along with the owner of Radiator Ranch, Clint Hopping, "How to Be a Cowboy" features an entertaining cast of characters. These characters include Clint's brother, Tate, who has a skill set similar to that of his brother and, therefore, feels the need to constantly compete with him. Champion roper Cheech provides comic relief at certain points, while former intern Donnie begins competing at rodeos for the first time, according to Decider.

The 6-episode series really seems to follow current ranch intern Jorden Halvorsen's return to professional bull riding after undergoing relatively serious knee surgery, per the Chicago Sun-Times. The first few episodes show Halvorsen learning the ropes of Radiator Ranch as its intern and slowly, but surely, becoming comfortable on a bull once again. One of the more heartwarming parts of the show was when Halvorsen, who is one of only a few female bull riders, was greeted at one of her bull riding competitions by a young girl who had her mother drive hours to see Halvorsen perform. Given the fact that bull riding is an incredibly niche sport, Halvorsen appeared to be genuinely touched that a young fan idolized her.

Scripted moments aside, the show's cast of characters truly does give viewers a glimpse of what it might be like to be a cowboy or cowgirl (though many are still hesitant about the bull riding aspect of that particular lifestyle).

Wannabe cowboys will be inspired by Netflix's roster of brand new television shows and films

While you wait for "How to Be a Cowboy" to return for Season 2, be sure to watch one of the many other brand new Westerns on Netflix. On November 3, Netflix dropped the highly-anticipated Western, "The Harder They Fall," starring Idris Elba, LaKeith Stanfield, and Regina King. Nat Love, portrayed by Jonathan Majors, sets out with his gang on a journey out west to get revenge against a man who murdered his parents (via Thrillist).

If you're a fan of space western animes (who isn't?!), a live version of the beloved anime series "Cowboy Bebop" will be premiering on Netflix on November 19. In the series, John Cho stars as the intergalactic bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel. Then, on December 1, Netflix will debut a film adaptation of Thomas Savage's novel, "The Power of the Dog," which follows a pair of rival brothers who own a ranch, according to Thrillist. The film stars (real-life couple) Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, along with Benedict Cumberbatch, Thomas McKenzie, and other A-list stars.