What Barron Trump's Life Was Like In The White House

During the four years that Donald Trump was president, former first lady Melania Trump made sure that her only child, son Barron Trump, kept a pretty low profile. While he occasionally appeared for such events as the annual White House Easter Egg Roll and was seen on the White House balcony with his parents for the 2017 solar eclipse, the young man kept to himself for the most part. But that doesn't mean he wasn't spending time enjoying the things that boys his age typically do.

Growing up in the White House is a rare thing for any adolescent, and, in modern times, it's been especially rare for a boy. In fact, Barron, now 15, was the first boy to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. in the 1960s (via Town & Country). While other presidents since then have had sons, they were grown and living on their own before their fathers became commander-in-chief.

So what was life like for Barron, living in the White House as his father was commander-in-chief?

Barron Trump went to school each day

Like other White House kids before him, Barron Trump got up and left home each morning to attend school. However, he broke with presidential kid tradition, and, rather than going to the Sidwell School right in D.C. like Malia and Sasha Obama and Chelsea Clinton, Barron went to school right outside the city at St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland. When Melania Trump enrolled Barron in St. Andrew's, she said she chose the school for "its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence," per Town & Country.

In fact, Barron's schooling was so important to his mother that he lived in the White House for a shorter period of time than other presidential kids. Melania claimed she wanted Barron to finish the school year in his native New York City when Donald Trump was first elected, so she and her son didn't even move into the White House until June 2017 (via The Washington Post).

The first son enjoyed soccer at the White House

When Melania Trump gave a speech at Liberty University in Virginia in 2018 and spoke of her son, she said he was not a social media addict like other kids his age but instead was "all into sports." During a 2019 interview with "Face the Nation," Donald Trump shared that his son loves soccer, and that was apparent in 2017 when he got to play the game with members of the capital's professional soccer team.

Players from D.C. United were on hand at the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll, and Barron got the chance to kick the ball around with them. "He was very knowledgeable about soccer, knew about D.C. United and was interested to know more," team forward Patrick Mullins told The Washington Post. "Little kid to have a passion for the game and to be knowledgeable and have a conversation with us, it makes me feel good about kids growing up playing the game."

Barron Trump traveled with his parents often

With Donald and Melania Trump often taking weekend getaways to one of Trump's many golf courses, Barron Trump was sometimes photographed leaving with them on Marine One, the official presidential helicopter. Through the years, it was easy to see how tall the young man was getting. Barron stands at 6 feet, 7 inches high, as of this writing, and towers over both of his parents (via the New York Post).

However, Barron was conspicuously missing on Jan. 20, 2021, when both of his parents boarded Air Force One on a one-way trip to Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach as his presidency came to an end. Onlookers wondered where Barron could be. It turns out that he boarded the plane early, before any cameras showed up (via People). It seems the former POTUS didn't want to share the spotlight as he made his final departure from the White House.

Trump's youngest son moved on with life after the White House

After leaving the White House behind, Barron Trump's mother, Melania Trump, who still has access to Twitter although her husband, Donald Trump, does not, wished her son a happy 15th birthday in March 2021. She posted a photo of balloons in the shape of "1" and "5" and a simple message using the initials for Barron William Trump. "Happy Birthday BWT," she wrote, with heart emojis finishing off her tweet.

At just 15, as of this writing, Barron still has some growing up to do, and the rest of his youth will be spent away from Washington, D.C. But that doesn't mean he's not still living a lavish life filled with privilege that many teenage boys could only dream about. He now lives in Florida, at Donald's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, and attends school nearby.

In August 2021, local Florida station WFLA reported that Barron was about to start school at Oxbridge Academy, an exclusive private institution founded by Bill Koch, brother to famed political donors Charles and David Koch. And, of course, he always has Secret Service surrounding him, even at class, because that's what life is like for the son of a former president.