Why Lindsey Graham's Harsh Words For Joe Biden Have Twitter Fuming

U.S. congresspeople are some of the highest-ranking officials in the country, and their voices are often heard louder than most others. Because of this, congresspeople have a certain responsibility when using their voices for legislative matters that can affect both United States citizens and the world.

Among the most vocal congresspeople is Lindsey Graham, who's been in the Senate since 2003. According to The Hill, Graham holds both a bachelor's degree and a law degree from the University of South Carolina, and he worked as a lawyer before he became famous. The 66-year-old Republican represents South Carolina in the Senate and has ties with seemingly everyone on Capitol Hill — he's given warnings to President Trump, while others, like Meghan McCain, have had harsh words of their own in return.

Now, according to Insider, Graham has called it quits on his relationship with current U.S. president Joe Biden. Relationships are tumultuous in Washington, but many people never expected these two to have a strong connection in the first place. Their political values differ severely, but that didn't stop Biden from working with Graham, though the latter no longer wants to work with him.

Lindsey Graham believes Joe Biden has made the country less safe

The deciding factor in Lindsey Graham's disavowal of Joe Biden is none other than the latter's removal of American troops from Afghanistan (via Insider). When Graham appeared on the Fox News program "America's Newsroom," he said, "I've known Joe Biden for a long time. I had a good personal relationship with him." However, he then added, "He's a decent man, but what he did in Afghanistan, I will never forgive him for."

Graham took Biden's actions to heart, saying, "He has blood on his hands, and he's made America less safe. And he's been the most consistently wrong man on foreign policy in my lifetime." Naturally, these comments left the internet reeling, and many took to Twitter to express their feelings on his comments — both the critical and the humorous.

"Lindsay Graham changes his mind like the wind. He was never a friend. Biden must not be inviting him over for free meals," one user wrote. Meanwhile, another said, "That's fine. Biden won't forget all the things Graham said about his son either."

Others don't support either politician. One user tweeted, "Lindsay Graham's criticism of Joe Biden is that he isn't enough of an Islamophobic war hawk? The Joe Biden who tried to pass the Patriot Act in 1994?" while another questioned the lines people draw for friendships, saying, "So Lindsay Graham's friendship with President Biden at stake over the Afghan withdrawal and not because he said Biden is the worst President in history?" Either way, Twitter is absolutely fuming.